C1 J200 ??

Does anyone know if any marathon canoe manufacturers are still making the solo C1 J200 (designed by Jensen)?

Any used ones around?

I always preferred that over the 201 or newer 203.



I believe Marlin at Clipper canoes in BC Canada still has his mold. Good canoe.

Cheers…Joe O’

I’ve got one you can have for cheep
Only trouble is I’m near Boston and the boat is pretty beat.

I’m with you
The 200 was designed for my size. When Corzier modified it into the 203, it became too small for me. I’ve seen some listed for sale, but they were too far away. Keep the eyes open and you’ll find one.

I have a pristine one hanging in garage
I sent U an e-mail, if you would like some pics let me know. Kevlar/Ultralite foam-core, graphite bulkhead, self-bailer, wood inwhales, stored inside. Notta scratch to be found.

i’ve got one two
but it’s a wood strip and painted white. and it’s heavy. fun, though.