C1 pro boat cam footage

Forge Racing site, (sorry I can`t link you to) has some interesting footage. I was curious about bouy turns,pace.

Here’s the link…

This is just part 1 of 5, however if you watch the whole thing, there’ll be more videos that come up one of which is part 2 of 5. I haven’t found the other three parts. Should be able to search for them on youtube.

See him heel
The J boat going under the bridge? Since the camera is mounted on the rear of the boat it isn’t too obvious unless you look for it…

Part 3 of 5 has a buoy turn…
and you can really see the lean then. No cross bow though, I guess the river was wide enough to not worry about it.

The jrankinen channel on youtube has about 60 racing videos, C1, C2 and war canoe.

Non-vertical stroke is surprising.
I guess that in those boats the stroke doesn’t have to be vertical.

I got worn out just watching.

thanks Dave.
makes me want to go get my J boat back from my oldest daughter who has been having a ball training in it.

Never stop learning: Yesterday in our training paddle for the 90 miler (C-2 stock) I decided to experiment on U turns, and instead of having the bow paddler do cross bows or draws and me in the stern do sweeps, we just heeled the boat way over much more than normal, and both of us paddled straight on. I was quite surprised that going into the turn at around 5.3 MPH we could hold it all the way at the same speed.

After about the third or fourth one, I realized that the reason was the fact that almost a third of the hull was out of the water.

I was critiqued a few weeks ago by Jim Normandin when we were trying out his C-2 pro boat, and one of the things he picked me up on was the fact that from straight behind me he couldn’t see my upper hand just beside my shoulder right at the end of my stroke and he should see it.

I noticed that I couldn’t see the paddler in the videos also.



I thought so too
but I am no pro, and never will be.



Horrors! They’re not wearing PFDs!
What if the general public should see them?

The’ll hire a chase boat?

A pfd takes the fun out of swimming!
The USCA doesn’t require them to be worn, but they must be in the boat.

The ACA requires they are to be worn.

No one wants them when the temps are in the 90’s except t a lot of the posters on P-net.



shore paddling
I am surprised the racers find the current effect trumps the shallow water drag effect, as they are paddling as close to shore as they can get. You can sometimes see muddy water dredged up from the bottom by their paddle strokes.