C2 to C1 outfitting

I am interested in changing the seating in my Mad River Intrigue 15’6" (now the Horizon) to paddle solo.

I am looking for an information source (books) or opinions on the options available to me.

Saddles, thigh braces, thwart pads?

What has worked - or not worked for you, and where does my weight need to be in position to exact center on the boat?



What kind of seat now?
If you have a cane seat now just sit in the bow seat facing what used to be the stern.

Well maybe not, you have 1/4 inch more rocker in the stern than the bow. It might be noticable.

If you have those godawful buckets you might just move the bow seat back behind the center thwart. Ballanced or a little stern heavy/ bow light should work pretty well. I don’t guess I’d mess with thigh straps or a saddle in that boat but I’m sure there’s folks that would.

I have used a flat topped sixpack cooler as a make shift saddle. Strap it in with some good duct tape and you can play around with your trim. See if one thing works better than the other.

Have fun,


6 pack
If you duct tape in the cooler… how do you get the frosty beers out??