Cable deck loop

Back in the mid-80’s when I first started paddling kayaks and C boats, Perception was selling a cable deck loop as a safety/security item. Short loop of cable that went thru the deck, backed up with a piece of metal and two nuts screwed on the end of the cable. I put them on all my boats for rescue purposes and for locking to the racks.

I just got a few sea kayaks and would like to install these as lock down points for the boats while they are on the racks. I can’t seem to find them on the net with a Google search. Anyone know if anyone is still selling them or something similar?

Seurity Cable
There are a couple of commerical ones out there but I made mine at a fraction of the cost from materials available at Lowes. Got heavy-duty, plastic-covered metal cable, made loops on the ends and crimped them together with clamps made for that purpose (no screws needed). Best thing is that you can custom make them for any length you need.

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Stainless U-bolt?(NM)

don’t make ‘em
we don’t use them anymore. the problem with them is, and if you find any ol’ ones out there still in use, was the cable would start to break and the little ends would stick out and were VERY sharp.

go to a sailboat/ marine supplier and get stainless deck loops then bugger up the threads on the inside of the deck.


stainless u bolts
That’s what I decided to do.

Try Newfound woodworks
Not sure if this is what you want. They duplicate what perception had on their boats (plastic, looked like= D with holes thru which the cord went and a ss screw and nut assembly?)

I just got several to put paddle parks on my america and the artic tern.

I think I saw those recently on an old Dancer and wasn’t impressed: The holes leaked. I would like to find a variety of small stainless steel U’s somewhere but I don’t see anything like that at Lowes.

West Marine has a large selection
of SS hardware, pricier than others. I’d suggest buying all you can at the hdw store then go to West for the rest. If you want the cable instead of the u-bolt West or a Mom and Pop hdw store can probably crimp any fittings that can be done in the store.

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Like you I have several ‘older’ boats with the Aquaterra/Perception cable lock…great concept, even salvaged one from one boat and put on another, but the stainless steel U-bolt is better idea altogether. Find someone with a QCC kayak and look at the U-bots on it, look for a manfacturer’s name then surf for it and order–that’s what I’m doing with current boats,if you want you can go inside where the nuts fit on and glass it in, even stronger and then hardly removeable by them (or you)…yep, great way to lock on the rack…just make sure that when/if you do a layback roll it doesnt hit you in the back…at least the old Perception cable did flex a bit.

I’ll look this afternoon on the QCC and see if I can find the name of the manufactuer of the U-bolt

hitting in the back
That’s exactly why I would have preferred the cable. I did find a stainless u-bolt and installed it behind the cockpit. I don’t think it will hit my back, but I’m not sure.

deluxe U-bolt

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Much nicer than what's on my boat...but more expensive.

neoprene washers
Mine cost about 2.75 at the hardware store. bought a couple of extra stainless nuts and lockwashers to go on the top of the deck and put rubber washers at the deck. Should be pretty waterproof.

SS U’s
The kit (expensive in my opinion) is available with the SS "U"s thru Spring Creek (

here is what QCC uses
and I’ve heard they are the best…they do not leak, pricey for sure, made in France (surprise?):

in the same series of photos you can see where i placed mine