Caddo Lake...Current conditions?

If anyone has been to Caddo Lake (Texas side…Goat Island) in the last week or so and can let me know what the current conditions are for paddling, and which areas may be less affected by water Hyacinth I would love to know. I am very interested in areas around Goat Island…Thanks

Caddo lake

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Haven't been there in a while but it is certainly a beautiful lake. Though the fauna can be somewhat intimidating. I paddled and fished the lake a few years ago and remember catching Cottonmouths twice on surface plugs. I cut the line rather than try to remove my lure. The roar of aligators at night somewhat unnerved my wife, but i thought it just added to the charm.

Now I know
I’ll answer my own post now…the water was up…floated right over the cypress knees to camp on Goat Island. There was also lots of water Hyacinth clogging the surface in many areas where even just a little over a year ago there was none…rather scary to think how extensive it could be in another year.