"Cadorette" canoe info needed

Has anyone had any experience with canoes made by “Cadorette”?

Recently I ran across a 15’ Fiberglas canoe with “positive flotation” (it has areas at the bow and stern molded into the canoe which are airtight and may contain foam).It was made by Cadorette for a firm in Malone,NY.

I’m in the process of obtaining info from Cadorette in Quebec,Canada but I thought I’d try to find out more than the usual glowing sales pitches from the manufacturer.

Thanks in advance.


I found their website

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and to me it looks as though these canoes are built using a chopper gun. I could be wrong but they also make speed boats, almost always built with the chopper gun method. That and 65 lbs. is a little heavy for a tandem fiberglass canoe. They also look like they are using a keel. Something most modern canoes don't have. I would look around before putting my money down. Can you give us the price?

I think there are better ways to go for your money.

Please read "chopper gun construction" on this page from Seda kayaks http://www.sedakayak.com/shared/construction.html



Cadorette canoes

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My 1st canoe was a Cadorette & as stated it was a chopper gun piece of junk w/ a keel that weighed a ton (almost). It's a wonder I ever paddled again
If you're thinking of buying one DON'T. If you get one for free plant flowers in it as lawn ornament but don't, whatever you do, paddle it.

C’mon Glen,…
… don’t beat around the bush. Tell us what you honestly think of this boat.