cahaba mainstream canoe

has anyone heard of a cahaba mainstream canoe? I can’t find any info on them. any reviews?

Mainstream / Watermark Cahaba

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Mainstream/Watermark was a company made up of a merger between Perception and Dagger back in 1998,this company was aquired by Confluence Watersports in May 2005.
My understanding is that these canoes were made by Dagger.
The Cahaba model is a Royalex canoe 15' long X 36” wide weighs 59 lbs, 6” capacity of 620 lbs.
I believe the Dagger moulds may have been mothballed so that Confluence could continue manufacturing and marketing their range of Mad River Canoes .
It's a shame that the Dagger canoes were take out of production because from what I have seen of the Reflection 14', 15' & 16' models here in Australia they were a very good canoe.
I hope I have my info correct, if not, can somebody else correct me.

cahaba mainstream canoe
Thanks for the information. I’ll let you know what I think of the Cahaba since I bought it.

I just bought a Mainstream Cahaba 15 and can confirm that it was made by Dagger - serial number starts with DAQ.
The canoe has the same dimensions, shape and weight as my Dagger Reflection 15,.
Side by side they appear to be the same canoe without the Dagger emblem on the decks and different labels.
Canoe was made in 2002 and has very minor wear and small nick in the hull which I will repair with G/Flex - tinted to match.