Cahnged Sealine Rudder System in our Epi

Over the summer my wife had issues with the Sealine Rudder system in her Epic 18, I posted back in July about the issues. I finally got around to changing the footbrace system out yesterday. Remarkably easy swap. Took all of an hour to completely change one for the other. Only special tool was a "handyman special’ socket driver duct taped inside of a 2 foot long 1 inch diameter pipe so I could reach the farthest nut inside the kayak. If you ever have to do this do not be afriad, it is a simple job!!

What footbraces
did you put in? Seadogs maybe? If so, I would like a use report. I figgure I will go to them when my Sealines die (even though Sealines are now being made again).


Rudder change
Simply exchanged the old rudder system for a newer Sealine system, one that also has the metal sliders versus the plastic ones.