Calabria or airalite Carolina 145?

I have been looking at a used Prijon Calabria and a Perception Carolina 145 in Airalite. I paddle a river that rarely gets above 6 feet. I usually go out for about 2 hours or so. Any suggestions? I am 6ft 2in and 265lbs. Thanks, Barry

I have a calabria-perfect boat for rivers. Takes a beating and still keeps on floating. Dense plastic means you don’t waste as much energy. Roomy cockpit,nice foot pegs and a rear hatch that doesn’t leak. Although the neo-cover for the hatch is a pain in the ass to stretch.

Good boat with multi-chined hull so you get the idea of how to lean and edge turn. Can’t go wrong here.

carolina or calabria
Thanks, I appreciate the input. I don’t know anything about the durability of airalite. Barry

my gut feeling is that Perception boats are compromised by marketing affecting the design in various details. Prijon has some funny details but I think there’s more integrity in the whole design and product.

Barry - Kodiak

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I own a Calabria and a Kodiak (don;t know about Perceptons), and feel that you are too large for the Calabria. Although the cockpit ios the same as the Kodiak, the lengtth of the boat and waterline is important. I think the Calabria would sit too low in the water for you. I could be wrong, but I think it true.

The rivers you wish to go on are fine with the Kodiak, I havew gone on rivers 6-10 feet across, and with the hard chiones and edging it;'s actually fun to negotiate. But if you have many portages, you;d have a tougher time with the 17 foot Kodiak (even though it weighs only about 5 lbs more than the Calabria).

I could be wrong about your weight in the Clabaria, so I would deifnitely tell you to test paddle the boat for an hour or two before buying it. Used Kodiaks are often for sale (and if you live in IL, you are welcome to try mine).

Im 6’8" at 285. Your weight will be fine. You may need to move the seat back a bit. No big deal. At my size, it would be a rare instance to catch me in an Airlite boat.

I think that you are at the point where you just need to “buck up” and buy the boat. There is still a good bit of paddling season left for a beginner paddler. Go have fun.


Okay, if FGILB can use a Calabria…
…then so can original poster. Go for it.

Man, FGLB, you are a big guy. Period. nice to have you in the Prijon camp. If you’re ever in IL you can paddle my Kodiak.