Calabria Prijon Kayak

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I thought I’d share my experience of this kayak. Bought it a couple years ago. Learned I could put a rudder on it. Not really know whether I should or should not put one on, I asked several people. Just about everyone, including sites I’ve read up on expressed the desire to not use one. So I didn’t. Over time I’ve practiced trying to control the boat. One problem, it’s higher above the water and catches the wind BIG time. Also it’s only 12 feet long, unlike the ease a sea kayak has.

Today, I went out to have a rudder put on. Yes, I was nervous…because I still got the impression to not put one on. But you know what?? After getting my rudder on, I went out on a fairly large lake, with winds 5-20mph. Paddled for 3-1/2 hours. I c-o-u-l-d not believe the ease of steering this particular kayak!!! ;o) Normally I would be struggling to keep my boat on a straighter course, because my hubby has the sea kayak.

Long story short, if you have a Calabria Prijon Kayak, and are planning on using it for the pleasure and enjoyment you should be getting out of it, get the rudder. I highly recommend it. If only I had known the difference it would of made for me.

The Calabria is already set-up to install a Prijon Wild Wacker Balance Wing Rudder, which is made for this particular boat.

I couldn’t agree more, snowflakes.

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I went trhough precisely the same experience as you, and dropping the balanced wing Prijon rudder off the Calabria tames the beast implicitly. Not an issue at all with control once that rudder is down. It makes the boat much more enjoyable, esp in wind.

Rudders are a bear only when out of the water. I cannot tell you how many times I banged the thing when cartopping the 14.5 foot boat.

One other tip about the Calabria: minicelling the cockpit also makes a huge difference. The seat and cockpit are wide, and by purchasing a minicell kit such as this one,
the ride is even more comfortable and your degree of boat control is greatly enhanced. Use Dap Weldwood to stick the foam pads in, and sandpaper to file down if there are areas that don't quite fit your body ideally. It truly helps edging and control.

You should cut and paste your nice original post above, and submit it--along with any other thoughts you have about the Calabria--to Paddling, net reviews. It will live there in infamy (long after this thread is gone) and help many a Prijon purchaser in the future.

Rock on, snowflakes.

you are so full of it…
…dude, when are we getting out?

When I add a rudder to my Cuda

Appreciate your info, cooldoctor1!!
Thanks cooldoctor for your suggestion to pass my thoughts on to the review section for Calabria’s. Had no idea it was there. I will check into the site about the minicell kit. How about a skirt?? The funny part about paddling for 3-1/2 hrs…when I stood up, my shorts were “soaked”!! I felt the water dripping in off the paddle…but had NO idea I was soaked. ;o) I remember being told about a half skirt that would be great, especially to keep the sun off the legs. Curious if it would keep the water out too?? Do you use a half skirt??

Don’t skimp…
…on a skirt.

I’d advise getting a “full” skirt and then a

half one later.

I have a prejudice against the nylon skirts with the suspenders because if you flip, they don’t

keep the water out nearly was well. (I’m mostly

a WW paddler, so being upside down in a kayak is

pretty common for me!)

The neoprene skirts can be hotter, but I’m very

heat tolerant, so it doesn’t bother me.

I also paddle until the local lake freezes over,

so warm and dry are winter issues for me.

I’ve done real well with the wildwasser (Prijon)


If there is no front air bag supplied with your boat, you’ll want to get one.

Good call
for open water a rudder is a must have on the Calabria if any amount of wind is blowing.

Full skirt
Hey, this is great all the information I’m getting. Gives me a lot to chew on. ;o) Talked with a fella a couple weeks ago and learned that he/they kayak in December, if the ice has melted!! He cautioned that hidden does slice one’s kayak. Whew. Think I’d make sure there is absolutely no ice before venturing out. ;o)

I’m “so” with you on that. ;o)

Good advice. do not venture out…
…when it’s that cold until you are experienced,

although the Calabria is a very stable, forgiving


You don’t want to catch your death of damn


paddling in the winter
Hey, thanks for your words.