California coastal kayak tour/rental?

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Any suggestions for a good but short 1-3 hour seakayak tour and rental in any of these locations as I travel through: Pacific Grove/Monterey, Morro Bay, Santa Barbara, and LaJolla?

I realize that such a very short duration trip can only begin to expose me to the beauty of this first-time Pacific coast highway visit. Opportunities to see sea otters definitely desirable! (Not looking for a half day or full day trip, taking too much time away from family.So that leaves out the Channel Islands and more extensive paddles) Also prefer an enclosed cockpit or SOT touring vs. rec kayak if rental available.

Thanks much!

Some options
Monterrey Bay Kayaks in Monterrey. Lots of Otters and the oppurtunity to play in some rock gardens. Morro Bay has a kayak place on the water along the main drag. In La Jolla, there is a SOT rental on the beach or you can go into San Diego and rent from Aqua Adventures and paddle up to La Jolla.


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You can rent sit on top kayaks at Avenida Del La Playa in Lajolla, google and you can find three or four stores. I think one is called Lajolla Kayaks (hard to remember no?) Paddle south to the sea caves in the cove and then around the point and down the cost for a couple of hours. One of the best short paddles in southern california. You can rent sea kayaks from Aqua-Adventures on Mission Bay, you could paddle out of the channel and either up and down the coast. The coastline near mission bay is pretty developed, further south it is very pretty around point loma. If you could schedule your trip to do a paddle with Aqua-adventures on the costline it would be great these are 10 -13 miles but usually take half day, that you don't want to do. Monterrey is also a great trip. Make sure you dress for the water temps especially in central and Norcal, depending on the time of year the water is kind of chilly. You can also rent kayaks (SOT) on the dock at Morrow bay. I would be careful going out on the open cost there if you do not do coastal paddles. There can be significant wave and current action at the mouth of the bay. I don't know of any good paddling spots in Santa Barbara. There are some really cool beaches near Lompoc north of there. Email me for details if you are interested.

so cal
Thanks. Since I will not be bringing my drysuit or wetsuit on the trip, it makes sense to plan such a trip as far south as possible. La Jolla sounds great! While comfortable with bracing and rolling, I have zero rock garden/surf/ or highly textured water experience so smartly, protected waters are my goal vs. open ocean.

You may want to check out
Elkhorn Slough in Moss Landing, about 20 mils North of Monterrey. Lots of Otters in a protected environment. MBK has a rental facility there too.

Doing the same…
I am traveling to San Diego in late September, and have found the following folks to be great contacts.

  1. Jeff at: I understand he is an experienced teacher/guide in the area. We traded emails and I plan to go out with him one morning.

  2. Also…am told Aqua-Adventures is a great shop off of Mission Bay…with a great assortment of fine kayaks for rent, and of course group/individual trips and lessons if desired.

    Cannot wait to check out the caves and wildlife off of LaJolla.



Not sure how you found Jeff
Jeff L. used to work at Aqua-Adventures before Jenn bought out her partner this summer. Jeff is a great guy and an excellent teacher. I have taken rescue and rolling classes with him and gone on several coastal paddles and a surf trip with him while he worked with Jenn and Greg at aqua-adventures You’ll be in excellent hands. I hope his busniness does really well.

Jeff is a great guy and teacher.

On your trip south,
you can rent a boat in San Luis Obispo from Central Coast Kayaks. There are some easy launches from Avilla Bay and surrounding areas.

In Santa Barbara, Paddle Sports of Santa Barbara rents both SOT’s and closed deck boats. You can pick a boat up in the harbor and launch from the dock.

As has been stated, La Jolla in San Diego is beautiful and Aqua Adventures is a great place to rent or take a tour.

Since you already know Jeff, he is another great resource.

Have Fun

Great news!
MANY thanks seadart and tsunamichuck…

Am planning to go out with Jeff…and hope to setup a group paddle with Aqua-Adventure…am incredibly psyched. Yup…Jeff is on his own now. Your confirmation of these folks is great!