California Coastline: Golden Gate Bridge to Mexican Border

I’m just thinking about doing this at this point some time this summer (June, July, September) . Probably in two legs to break up the time required. Distance is about 530 miles so approximately 21 paddling days. This would require lots of paddling experience on the open coast and launching and landing through surf .

What an amazing trip wish I could bring my yak from the east coast and join ya…

Let me know what info I can provide (mostly on the northern part)?

If you need, I can also connect you with Matt Krizan, who did the entire CA coast a few years back:

Thanks Peter will do, I think I will find folks I know to paddle with for day paddles and connect them together. Looking at seeing what I know about put-ins and take outs and spots where you can camp near the water. A bit tricky in lots of areas.

Well, even if you don’t need any of the little assistance I can provide, keep me informed as maybe I’ll join for a leg (or two).

Sounds good. I’ll let you know when I have an idea on where I am going to be on specific days.