Calling all antique kayak model collectors

As seen on Bookoo, a local/regional “for sale” board. It offers “Inuit kayak, with hunter and harpoon. This is a pre-1040’s hand made Inuit Kayak. It is made out of hide and real parka fur. It is 17 inches long with a rack on the back, (for his trophies) the hunter has a harpoon with the rarely seen tips still attached. This is a one of a kind item. last one sold”

Is coincidental seller and I share same last name. No relation or connection though.

Pre 1040’s ? not sure what that means. Model resembles this kayak.

Rack = sled. $800 pretty steep price, would need some accompanying provenance if I was a collector.

Yep, it does look the same with a little doll stuck inside. By the way, what is “Real Parka Fur”?.

Also, I rather suspect the the original was West Arctic - probably Alaska - Bering Sea and not Inuit but rather Yupik. The ‘harpoon’ actually be a bird spear.

Were you referring to the model or the readers as antiques?

Readers are most certainly distinguished and some perhaps vintage. But never antiques.