Calling all canoers

I live in Boise and I am active in the Idaho Canoe & Kayak Club. However that is pretty much kayaks and SUPs. I am a long time kayaker who is transitioning to canoeing with a Mad River Courier for flat water and getting a Wenonah Recon for white water (which I managed to get a Bob Foote pedestal for.

Anyhow there is only a handful of canoers in the area these days as most people SUP or ww kayak. I have the start of a small dedicated group that mostly if not entirely canoes and I would like to see it come back in full force. So if anyone is interested let me know so we can get together.

Canoe Renaissance coming
I sense a canoe renaissance coming right around the corner. All those SUPers are gonna get tired of standing up all the time and will figure out with a little balance and training, you can ALSO stand up in canoes when the desire is there. I call ALL canoeists to bring a long 62" or longer paddle with them while planning a trip where SUPers frequent and then when safe and the opportunity presents itself, stand up and paddle where they can see you. I have done this a few times and I always get approached in amazement by SUPers

The tides can change…
As things get old they become new again. I would love to see a whole new group of canoers.

never left Maine. Its been around for a hundred years.

So all of a sudden some SOCAL marketing guru got rich? PFFT. In Maine we have always stood tall in our canoe (I do admire the skill of the Wenonah guy) and poled.

Canoes are forever!

@DavidRoss said:
Canoes are forever!

AMEN, BROTHER! BTW, love the MRC Courier, nice boat!

Oh yea, we are the federales; you know, the SUP board & big box store kayak police.
Show us your SUP board, or your recreational kayak!

If you’re the boat police; show us "your stinking badges!



We don’t need no SUP or kayak police around here !
I’d rather be canoeing…
But, we could use some more cowbell !


Join us over on We have a few double bladers but very few yakers

As they age those SUPers will get tired of standing all day. Then they may realize that a canoe is a good option. Stand when you want, sit when you want, or kneel when you want.

@sweeper said:
Join us over on We have a few double bladers but very few yakers

OK Kevin, now I feel like you’re pickin’ on me.
I still like you, anyway.


I started in a canoe, then switched to Kayaks but occasionally I feel the need to haul out the OT-Pack canoe
and take that camping.

Another canoe guy here. I’ve only talked to a couple of guys on SUPs. Both were ex-whitewater canoeists whose knees could no long take the strain so they moved to SUPs.

I have quite a few kayak friends. At least a few of them think I should move “up” to a kayak. They just don’t get it. I just smile at their ignorance and paddle on. :slight_smile: