Calling all Rob Roy Paddlers

Is there any interest in a forum dedicated to Rob Roy Canoes? I’m in SE Michigan, but will take good advice on using my boat from anyone, anywhere. Maybe one day there could be a Rob Roy Convention/Paddle. Just askin’.

Aren’t Rob Roys pretty much the same hull as several other models., like the Prism? I don’t see how paddling them would be substantially unique compared to other solo canoes – the deck doesn’t really alter the performance profile. does it?

If we had a forum for each model of canoe and kayak there would be hundreds of separate categories.

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Interesting history. Rob Roy designs, much like Sairy Gamps and Wee Lassies, are still built today. But for a limited market.

I suspect many native people got the jump on him.


You’re right on the paddling. I was more interested learning improved ways to portage and outfit one. I’m sure the idea of a strictly Rob Roy forum is limiting. I should have avoided saying dedicated.

I may be booted off this forum for asking this, but aren’t Rob Roys and Pungos fairly similar? With the exceptions of Pungos being made of plastic and having bulkheads.

I’m not sure what a Pungo is. I’ve heard the term, and know it’s a small boat.

They are kayaks made by Wilderness Systems. They used to come in 10, 12 & 14 foot lengths. They discontinued the 14. I’ve heard them referred to as decked canoes by a few people.

I have 2 Pungos, a 12’ and 14’. They have a little bit of deck but are mostly cockpit.
They are outstanding river and marsh boats. That’s why I have one downstairs now.

Nah, Rob Roys are a true decked pack canoe. The hull profile and performance are definitely canoe and not at all like the Pungos. The only thing they have in common is the large cockpit. YOu can see from the profile in the link below that is NOT a kayak, but shares a hull design with the Northstar Magic solo touring canoe.

I just helped connect somebody selling one with somebody buying one when I saw it for sale at a local solo canoe rendezvous. They are a neat looking craft.

Thank you for clearing that up for me!