Calling Avocet LV owners!

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I know this is a relatively new boat. So far the review from people test paddled it seems favorable (so was mine).

But before pulling the $4000 trigger, I'd like to hear from actual owners to see if the boat live up to the expectation on regular use.

One area I'm particularly interested in hearing is:

Has anyone camp out of it, how much room for gear? And more important, how does it handle fully loaded?

Any other comments from owners are welcome too.

I guess there aren’t many (owner) out there?

Avocet LV
I think they are still making their way to market in the US. A friend just ordered one and it will be August before it makes it to her. If she wanted a custom color it would be January and she’s dealing direct with Valley.

Because there are no points of referance from Your post.

Some people camp out of a kayak like they backpack…some even carry a kitchen sink when they backpack…others camp with a granola bar and a hankerchief.

how it handles when it’s full is determined by final weight…how much You and Your chosen style of camping gear weighs…everybodies differant.

look at the sugested overal weight capacity to determine if that is remotly close to what You will be packing.(include Your dressed weight)

You asked a very difficult question with absolutly no information to go on as far as a basis to answer

Best Wishes


“remotely close” to dressed weight? No, how about EXACTLY the dressed wieght plus gear!

It’s not a difficult question. If it’s a perfect fit, there’s no point in questioning ANYTHING. Most of us end up in boarder line situations. Hence the quest for real world experience instead of spec sheet.

But I won’t digress, there may be one or two actual onwers out there.

Or not.

I was just trying to answer the question as to why no one has posted an answer to Your question.

They might not feel confident enought to guess at any of the above.

I appoligize for my post since it seems to have hit a nerve

Best Wishes


OP check your email
As Eric said, there are not many of them out there.

I do not know a single person who paddles one. Our local shop in SE Michigan has, AFAIK, the only demo in the state. I have taken it out three times, and, like many demos, unloaded and in calm water.

I don’t have an Avocet LV but have a British kayak extremely similiar almost to the inch in layup, design and dimensions. I sent you a response based on MY packing style, MY gear preferences, MY trip durations and WHAT I expected from the boat given those parameters.

Roy is absolutely right that those differ from

person to person and make a useful response to your general question a not so easy task - assuming you want a thoughtful opinion. He is a very intelligent, skilled paddler w. much experience who is a wellspring of knowledge as to kayak design and performance.

I consider Roy an good friend and mentor and the tone of your response is unwarranted.

Can I borrow it?
If you let me borrow yours for a while, I’ll give you a real thorough review :wink:

First, I apologize for the tone of my responds.

I’ve read all the post related to the LV and had paddled it myself. (I actually have the “good fortune” of paddling it in not-exactly-calm water! ;-] ) So I was really just looking for comments from owners. But since these posts keeps the thread on top, I’m not complaining. :o)

It’s always a bit of a compromise when choosing ONE boat for both day paddle and camping out of. I doubt anyone knows exactly how much their camping gear weights anyway. And it obviously varies from trip to trip too. So everyone is just guessing how much the final weight really is. Simple as that.

Is that good enough excuse for my post seeming vague? I was looking for ANY responds since I expect very few actual owners out there. I didn’t want to limit the responds.

small boat, small load.

get over it.

cindy has one, she uses it for daytripping, the Tempest is her cruiser. you can camp outta a ww boat if ya want.


I can barely fit in my playboat…

Imagine, stern stalls would be automatic if float bags were substituted with useful load.

avocet lv search on youtube for video

Isn’t an Avocet, by design, relatively low volume? I paddled one and it was a very tight fit for someone my size, 5’11" and 190 lbs. It was a fun kayak and to paddle, quick and I loved the handling, but my P&H Capella sure fits me a lot better.

The composite Avocet LV is for small folks – not smallish folks. A dealer told me that the maximum suggested paddler weight was 130 pounds or so.

The composite Avocet is a compact kayak, but I find the cockpit to be roomy at 5’9", 160.

The Avocet RM is the same as the composite version on paper, but seems to be a snugger fit.


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Peter Orton: Valley owner. 80-120 lbs.

low volume for whom?
What’s low volume for a 190 pounder is not low volume for a 150 pounder, and positively high volume for a 90 pounder! :o)

I’m Also Looking at This Kayak
I am a small paddler (not much out there for us…different discussion) and I am also considering the Avocet LV which seems to be a rare commodity. Unlike you, I haven’t found one in my area to test out and am dying to. I am also considering the CD Suka and the Tahe Marine Greenland. All of which are extremely hard to find. So…

I agree with the comment on “advanced” kayaks. It’s all what you feel comfortable in and serves your kayaking purposes. What may be too playful or tippy for some may be just right for another. I also believe that you will go through more than one kayak because your skills and style will change over time. There is no perfect kayak or kayaker.

Tahe Kayaks
A friend just bought the Tahe Greenland and it’s a lovely boat.

Here’s a link to dealers and/or the website:

It looks like there is one in New York State which might be of help as you are in NJ.

Yep…I know there is a dealer in Camillus, NY. I was going to drive 4 hours and test paddle one today but after calling the dealer yesterday, he informed me they don’t test paddle because they are not near water. Go figure. Darn!

Tahe Greenland
You are thinking of three very different boats. Don’t know the Suka although I have looked one over. If you are into BCU fun and games, then get the Avocet LV or perhaps the rumored NDK Pilgrim. Its what they were made for and very good at it.


If you are into Greenland fun and games, not intimidated by an ocean cockpit, don’t need a boat for wacking into rocks, need a boat for day paddles and long weekend trips, looking for a boat with which to dance, don’t mind paddling with legs mostly flat and straight, and don’t need a boat to take care of you or to instill confidence; then you really, really need to test paddle a Tahe Greenland. It is a wonderful boat and drop dead gorgeous.

I cannot compare it to the Black Pearl, but they seem similar and my impressions of the Greenland mirror the review here of the Black Pearl.

Another one to consider is the CD Rumor. If the cockpit works for you, its one amazing boat. Not for the faint of heart.