Calypso Kayak

Looking for someone who has personal experience with a Calypso Kayak. Interested in knowing comfort and tracking.


Are you trying to find info on the Calypso model made by Eddyline? Or is Calypso the mfr?

LL Bean/Perception
I don’t have any personal experience - outside of the sales/marketing materials and a guide’s reference to it (“it’s a good woman’s kayak”).

My wife had one for a week and…
paddled it every day.

She is 5’-2" and 120 pounds.

At the time she had a QCC-600, but was looking for a boat that had a better fit.

It turned out that the EddyLine Calypso fit her like a glove, but after comparing it to the QCC-600, it was not as responsive so she returned it.

(this was the deal that was made before hand).

She came close to keeping it, she liked it so much.

She now has the baby QCC which fits like a glove and is very responsive also.

If you have any particular questions about the boat, fire away.



Perception Calypso
I bought a Perception Calypso at LLBean yesterday. A great deal. 20% off. I tried it out today and am not convinced that it is the right boat for me. Previously I had a Loon Otter. The foam divider where your legs go leaves very little room for a person or for belongings. I found that it did not track well at all, as others have complained. It does tip getting in and out. I may return mine. Beans always says 100% satisfaction or you can return it. I would not recommend it to anyone else, though.

We have two
I just bought two, one for my wife and one for my daughter. We’ve been out 3 times in one week. That’s about as much as a normal summer. They love them, I think they’re pretty good, though I still prefer my longer ones. I never thought a twelve foot boat was worth owning. They track fine. They are only 24" wide and very light which means they are a little tippy getting in if you’re used to a loon or something. But it all adds up to faster and easier paddling.

I’m 180 pounds and probably at the upper limit for one. If you’re lighter, you’ll skip across the waves with it. Just a word of caution though, I posted elsewhere about the quality of one of the boats I bought (“Perception = Toilet”). The one was fine, the other had several problems including a crack and the seat being mounted crooked.