Okay I am helping a friend pick a kayak (I am so lucky to help TWO friends spend thier money like this)

Anyways, I was just flipping though the L.L.Bean catalogue and saw this Calypso and wanted to know more about it. I wouldn’t normally think of buying a boat from them, but I am intruiged.

It looks like a perception hull, but I can’t find one that matches it’s specs. So I am just looking for a little info. It is the length we are looking for, DEFINATELY the weight and nice and thin (like her). The price is also in the right range.

thanks in advance!


This caught my eye also. Check out the Product Reviews section on this website. It has several that will probably change your mind about getting one. It looks nice, but it doesn’t get good reviews.

the calypso is a
perception-watermark-confluence design…it is a special hull that LL bean requested be resurrected for their own sale…

I didn’t look under LLBean. I just missed those reviews! Believe me, ALL canoes and kayaks that catch my eye get a quick check on this site before I start to get to smitten with them!