Came across a Kayak..

I had a friend that needed some money, he had a bunch of stuff in his garage and said to make an offer on anything. He had an old Kayak in the corner, I offered him $80 and he took it.

I don’t know anything at all about kayaks or kayaking for that matter but my wife and i have been wanting to try it for a while. I told myself if i ever came across some that seemed like a good deal that i would pick them up.

The kayak i purchased is a Necky Santa Cruze. I don’t know anything at all about it but i don’t believe they make it anymore. I cannot find a whole lot of information about it so i am asking here. The kayak is not shaped like anything i have seen before. the back is flat and has a small metal bracket with a bolt through it. I assume something used to be mounted to it? I hope that at $80 it was a good buy, it seems to be in pretty decent shape. The bungee straps are dry rotted but the seat is not bad at all.

could you guys or girls please give me some information about this kayak and let me know if i made a good decision.


chk this link

Thanks, It seems to have good reviews. I may have done alright for $80

Bolt in back
Not sure what ypu are describing exactly, but it might be so you can lock the boat to something. This boat is intended to be a hybrid, and the locking bar is not uncommon in white water boats.

If the bracket…
…is all the way at the stern of the boat, it’s for a rudder or skeg (I’m not sure which cane on the Santa Cruze). You can always contact Necky and ask them.

Necky Sante cruze
Typically those boats had a drop skeg and they sell on the used market for about $350-$400. You did good.

That’s awesome. I almost feel like I ripped him off. I don’t think he was the original owner though. I need to get it cleaned up and on the water.