Camelback deck fitting

I am looking for a deck fitting that accepts the tubing for the Camelback hydration system. The tube fits through this fitting and is a watertight seal. The water bladder rests on the inside hull of the boat, and only the tubing and mouthpiece emerge through the deck. One of the kayak manufacturers were advertising it, and I cannot locate it now.

Any help out there?


Cable grommet
Some paddlers use cable grommets available from electrical/electronic suppliers. You just need the right size. they look like this

how do you install it
just drill a hole and glue in? Would love having the hose of my camelback come up through back seat rather than through spray skirt.

Thanks for the tip!
31 of these for only $1.99 ?!? That is almost too cheap to believe! I thought that kayak stuff was to be pricey!

…and what IS the best way to install this?

Thanks so much for the info,


No glue
You just drill a hole and fit it so the deck is in the groove around the middle.

The best way…
…is to just mount the Camelback on your PFD. It’s easy to do and doesn’t require you to modify your boat. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about getting tangled in the hose during a wet exit.

on your PFD
I second the placing of your camelbak on your PFD. I have been doing this for years and never had a problem.

‘the best way’ OK so I agree with
bnystrom 99% of the time.

I say the best way is what works for you.

For me I chose the route where you put the bladder in the rear hatch:

I took the Camelbak tube to Lowes, went to the rubber grommett pullout drawers and found a grommet that fit snugly around the tube.

I cut the hole in the deck as close to the same dimension as the tube…grommets have that ‘slice’ around the middle, the sliced area of the grommet accepts the deck, you will have grommet above deck and below.

As long as the tube is in position AND the bite valve in place it is watertight.

In my set up the tube doesnt slide in or out easily until it is moistened, then it slides freely but is still watertight. When paddling a distance I slide it out and around to the front of my PFD and clip it so I can get to the bite valve without taking my hands off my paddle.

Camelbak makes a Tube Director that will put the bite valve as close to your lips as you want and keep it there. I dont use that, I have to move my chin down several inches-no big deal.

Nothing wrong with bladder on your back but I dont like the feel of a wallet in my pants either, nor rings or necklasses, nor stuff on my deck…PYOP or HYOH…each their own. Good luck but at least you are on top of hydration!

My hydration pack…
… weighs about 8 pounds when full (3L + usually wet pack).

Personally, I’d rather let the boat carry that so I’m free to paddle. Maybe you Northern types can get by with 1L PFD packs, but wouldn’t last me more than an hour.

I also have no entanglement issues as I just run the tube out UNDER the skirt (never up through tunnel). May let in a tiny bit of water, but no release issues. Grommet would be a little better - and I have them - I’m just never in a hurry to make holes in my kayaks…

I typically carry plenty of fluid…

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...but I only carry ~1.5 liters in the pack. I refill it from a bottle during a break, if necessary. I don't even notice the weight of the pack when I'm paddling.