Camelbak UnBottle

Am considering purchasing the UnBottle. I want to carry it behind my seat, not on my PFD, but I can’t find any information on the length of the tube.

Any paddlers here use the UnBottle? If so, will it work from behind the seat as is, or is additional tubing needed?


Search “Unbottle ruminations” by Greg
of this message board. Very informative.

Yes, it is,
but as Greg mentions he added a quick-release fitting, I was unsure if he also attached a longer tube.

When I look at the image of the UnBottle at the Camelbak site, that tubing looks mighty short - unless part of it is coiled behind.

One Amazon review claims it’s 25-inches long; another, 36-inches.

The difference in lengths
The tube attaches to the bottom of the resoirvoir and comes out the top of the bag. One is probably total length of the tube, the other the length of the tube coming out of the pack.

You could go to Acadamey sports and get their version for a third of the price or go to wal-mart and get similiar price for an Outdoor Products hydration pack. I’ve got those and Camelbacks, no difference. If you don’t plan on wearing it you can buy just the bladder, tube and mouthpiece for under $15.

Thanks, Pirate
I’ll look into that next time I’m at Wally World.

second this^
Sometimes you can even find hose and accessories. If not you can find similar hose at the hardware store.

hydration ideas

For some ideas on what I’m currently using for ultra-long-distance Watertribe races, please goto and search for “KayakVagabond” (my “tribe” name).

I got tired of threading the drinking tube through my sprayskirt and now have the tube going through the deck via a grommet, and use quick-disconnect fittings. This is very convenient.

You can purchase food-grade tubing for a dollar/foot or less, and cut to size as needed, rather than relying on what you get with the bladder. In the thread listed above, I have provided links to the grommets, quick-disconnect fittings and plastic tubing that I am using (you will need to search through several messages in the thread).

Greg Stamer

Thank you
for the good advice and links, Greg. I’ll gather the parts while waiting for the ice to melt here.

Best wishes for the EC 2015. The WT is amazing and inspiring.

This for the Samba?
Either a grommet through the rear deck (as Greg suggested/demonstrated) or get a spare hatch cover and make a hole to accommodate the drink tube. Extending the tubing with more food grade tube and a barb fitting is easy enough.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Yes, the Samba.
Great suggestion, Marshall, that second hatch cover for the tubing. That would be perfect for longer day trips where I should carry more water, yet allow me to change out the hatch when I practice on home waters.

Will see if Eddyline has a reject ten-inch hatch cover around.

As always, your good counsel is appreciated. Thanks!

Hatch Cover
Eddyline probably won’t have a reject hatch cover for you but SealectDesigns (SeaDog) likely makes a match to it.

You might want to drop a note about;

to verify that it would work for your Samba.

If you find that a Kajaksport 10" round hatch cover will work, I’ve got you covered.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Lots of 8" but no beat up 10"
right now at Eddyline.

Have sent off an email to Tom at TopKayaker per your link, Marshall, and will contact you when I hear from him.