Camera? Mounting?

A quick search didn’t reveal any hits – what kind of cameras do you all use out on the water? I was figuring I would buy a cheap waterproof camera from one of the big-box stores, being afraid of bringing my “family” camera.

How do you mount your camera, if at all? I’ve been watching several YouTube videos where it sure seems like the photographer/videographer is wearing a head-mounted camera.

I tend to carry a Panasonic Lumix waterproof camera. Most other brands now carry similar waterproof and rugged cameras. I will also sometimes use a Go Pro camera mounted either on my deck or on my helmet. There are others like Go Pro but these have become very popular lately. What I like about Go Pro is it’s replaceable parts at a reasonable price. The camera itself is very simple requiring the small waterproof case that comes with it. Then you can get various parts to attach it to helmets, decks, handlebars, etc… In a crash the most likely thing to break is the mount rather than the camera and so you buy an relatively inexpensive replacement to fix.

hand held bversus mountable

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There are two different types of cameras - hand helds and mountables. California Kayaker Magazine had a pair of reviews (which can be read online for free at on both of these.

In Issue #6 - Summer 2011, there was a review of a Pentax vs Olympus hand helds. These are waterproof point and shoot cameras, so basically standard cameras except they are also waterproof. You mostly use them held in your hands (though you would want to either attach a float or leash them to your PFD, because they won't float if dropped. In general, they take better pictures than mountables, but not as good video (usually 720p instead of the mountables 1080p).

Issue #7 - Fall 2011 had a review of the GoPro vs Oregon Scientific cameras. These are cameras that are made to be mounted somewhere (helmet, on boat, etc.) and generally take better video than photos (mountables are often 5 megapixel pics, versus 12-14 megapixel for hand helds). Not very handy to use when held in your hands.

Note - there are exceptions to all of these generalizations, such as not the GoPro 2 has 11 megapixel pics, so approaching the quality of hand helds.

try this for mounts

The possibilities are endless.

Waterproof bag
You can use your “family” camera and buy a waterproof bag from B&H Photo (DiCAPac is the brand). Run the neck strap through your deck lines so you don’t lose if you drop it or a wave washes it off. I’ve even rolled with my camera (pro body) under the front deck lines and not had it come off. If you buy a waterproof camera buy a good one, you’ll be happier with the quality of your photos. You can also buy a SeaLine eCase for your smartphone and just use it as your camera. The quality of photos will be as good as a cheap camera and you’ll spend less money.

Maybe get a Kodak before they’re gone

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I couldn't afford a GoPro, so I bought a little Kodak Easyshare Sport C123. Supposed to be waterproof to 3 meters, and has a 12mp camera and video also. I don't have a mount yet, as I really just use it for quick snaps. I have it's lanyard clipped to my pfd zipper via caribeener. I have taken a couple shots and vid underwater recently, just a foot down, and it did well. Decent (not pro quality) pics, but it's nice not having to worry about getting it wet. The only issue I've had so far is lens fogging once when it was 95 degrees out. I guess sometimes it doesn't like temperature changes. But so far this year that has only happened once. I got mine for $90 off ebay but the prices are going up as they sell out.

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Shot of one of my dogs:

Shot of my paddle underwater:

without a doubt
I use a GoPro. I either wear a chest harness, or mount it on the boat a using a suction cup mount

I’ve been using a simple GorillaPod for a few years now, on my kayak, bike, and other places:

Compact, adaptable, and affordable.

Here’s an example of video shot with a basic Pentax WP camera mounted to the kayak with a GorillaPod:

As you can see at timestamp 00:53, it takes a dunking and keeps on shooting …

Good luck!



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A rock solid platform merged with waterproof digital

I highly suggest IMAGE STABILIZATION for camera via
kayak canoe on the water, with waves and wind.
The boat is in almost constant motion.

I've been shooting Pentax Optio Waterproof Digital
for the last 5 or 6 years with no problems.
Now they're up to 16 megapixels

Home made mount
I get some 1/2 inch PVC pipe and a plug fitting. I drill the plug fitting and insert a stainless 1/4 X 20 bolt so it sticks out about 1/4 inch. This is the standard size for camera tripod bolts. I then epoxy the bolt in place.

The 1/2 PVC pipe press fits into any Scotty fishing rod holder mount. I prefer the over the shoulder shots it takes this way.

Camera Mounting Options

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Check YakAttack products, specially their PanFish, PanFish Portrait and the Dog Bone options
They also have a Forum with lots of set up pics..