camera other than waterproof on kayak

am currently using a canon G3 which i keep in an otter box. when i see a kodak moment i remove it, snap away and then return to box.

kinda cumbersome, would like to have it available all the time.

looked at the 2 plastic housings available-both are a waste.

the quality of the G3 compared with any of the waterproof cameras on the market is better.

will continue my present routine or maybe on flat water, keep the camera out.

any thoughts/ ideas??

Waterproof camera?
Maybe not as good quality photos (I have no experience w/ them) but I’ve read good reviews (some still active here) and they’re less expensive than the water proof enclosures for what you already have, in most cases.

I agree that the waterproof cameras are very limited. I used a Pelican box and now am using a much cheaper and smaller Walmart box, but the ideal would be to construct a custom box or bag that the camera would remain inside.

Ought to be able to build something like this…


I learned the hard way
After the 3rd time I sent my Nikkon digital back to the factory at $250.00 each plus shipping and a 3 week wait each time I quit.

My Pentax (waterproof)Optio wpi takes pretty damn good pics and I’m happy.

Olympus 720SW
I’ve taken some great photos with my Olympus 720SW, both above and below the water surface. It’s waterproof to 10’ and also claims to be shockproof (I have not tested its “shokproofness” yet :wink: ).

It’s 7mp, and once you get used to shooting with it (no viewfinder), you can take some nice shots.

It’s very nice to be able to keep it in my PFD pocket or in my cockpit and just turn it on and shoot. No more opening my dry bag/box to take a picture anymore.

Yes, it’s not going to give you the quality of a SLR, but it’s size, weight, and convenience make it a great 2nd camera option.

partial ditto
I have the same camera. Mine will take nice pictures, but the exposure & color quality are never very good unless I put it in the digital image stabilization mode. That works, but the camera lacks the capability to remain in this mode the next time you power it up. As a result, I can never just retrieve from a Pelican box, point and shoot. I have a built in delay to place it in the correct mode. An unnecessary hassle when paddling.

waterproof cameras
I have a sysetem i love. i bought a canon powershot elph a few years ago. Nice small digital camera with 7.1 megapixels and 3.0 optical zoom. They have bigger zooms on their more recent models.

I then bought the dive housing available for this camera. It makes a reasonable size system, takes great pictures, easy to use the camera. I keep in on my nimbus neopreme shelf ( another wonderful thing which are available for any kayak as a retrofit) or my lap and have a safe camera able to take photos at a moments notice.

I shopped around for the dive housing online as it can be pricey but mananaged it less than $200.

splashproof cameras ?
Olympus has a line of all weather or splashproof cameras in addition to waterproof Stylus 720. 770 and 790:

And, they are just adding a few new models to that series. These cameras may be not so limited as the waterproof models.

Before, Pentax WP/W10, I was using camera in a box approach (Canon PowerShot, Contax in a Otter box) for paddling.

Maybe, another idea is to consider e.g., a Canon camera with a waterproof case available. You can always buy the case later if you change your mind and would like to go wet.

Box on the deck
I have a Canon S3 IS that I keep on my deck in an Underwater Kenetics dry box (very similar to a Pelican box). I modified the box to attach it to the deck. You can see my set up here:’

I’m not big on having such a bulky item on my deck, but it does work and it’s really nice to have the camera handy at a moments notice.


Canon G6/Olympus 770SW
I have a Canon G6 which has tons of options and takes great pictures. However, my “paddling” camera is an Olympus 770SW. Certainly, the G6 takes better pictures than the 770, but the 770 does pretty darn good – and I don’t have to worry about it when I’m paddling.

camera other than waterproof on kayak
looks like a great setup. unfortunately i have a sot yak.