Camera problems

I have an Olympus digital camera. The stills are coming out fine but there is a purple hue that is showing up when in the movie mode. Kinda ruined an awesome scene :+( Is it something I am doing or is it the camera? Thanks

Still Very Cool!!!

Somethin’ terribly wrong
Ah’d bring it back.


It looks like it is “shutter”-related.
I say this because there is a gradient from left to right. You might have done better with improved light. Also, does your Olympus allow different modes that might tend to correct the violet color cast? Finally, are there editing functions in the software that Olympus supplies for your computer that would allow you to take out MOST of the inappropriate color cast? (You won’t be able to get rid of a transition zone toward the right edge, but could you chop that portion off?)

It goes away
While listening to a certain Jimi Hendrix LP, but I would take it back!

For $89 ,Olympus won’t fix it for you.
I am not impressed with their repair.

ask these guys

all they do is Olympus cameras and I’m sure there will be somebody there that would know excatly the problem, would it be user error or real problem with the camera.


Movie Mode
This is probably a long shot…

On the white balance/metering front…

Video Mode in these little digicams usually meters/focus’/etc when you initially push the button to start filming and then locks-in for the duration of your filming.

Bright reflective light might have been hitting the lens when you initially hit “record/shutter”. It also could have been that you were metering on the dark ocean water when you hit the shutter.

Not much good to meter on when you’re on the water… bright sky or dark water.

Try filming something inside under more subdued lighting conditions and see if you get the same problem.

If this is the problem, you may need to point-to/meter-on something more neutral when you initially hit the shutter button.

I think you got it
Inside it worked fine and in pic mode it worked fine. June got this in Tokyo last year so it is a no return, but it seems the problem is with me. Thanks! Kind of bummed cause it was an awesome moment.

Thanks, seems you were spot on

Yeah! What did I win?
It was just a hunch… glad it worked for you.