Camera Protection/Bags?

Recently started kayaking and really enjoy it. I also enjoy photography and think kayaking affords excellent photo opps. I’ve been carrying a Pany LX5 on the boat but I’m looking for a good water proof bag or …? What do folks use to protect cameras? I could also envision taking a dSLR out but not till I have a reasonable way to conveniently protect it. Thanks!

Water proof deck bag
Here’s mine! I keep my DSLR in it.

Go to full size to see the bag better.

pelican case

Baja deck bag
My husband has used a Baja deck bag from SealLine for years. It easily holds his dslr with 100-400 lens and keeps the camera readily at hand.

Camera Protection/Bags
I use one of these in a canoe.

If it goes overboard, it floats high and dry. I believe you’d have to fill it with lead to sink it.

Pelican Case
not only waterproof, but impact protection.

Otter boxes are similar.

WW paddlers mostly use either Pelican
or Watershed Zipdry. Unlike rolltop closures, Watershed uses a substantial rubber zip locking closure that will never wick water into the bag. They offer at least one bag for top mounting on sea kayaks.

I have extensive experience with roll top waist packs when exploring rivers by wading and swimming, and despite my best roll efforts, they all leaked. Only Watershed did not leak.

I use a
Pentax WP camera. impact to 3’, waterproof to 3’ for 20 minutes!

It’s not professional but at $150, I’m just a picture-taker and I won’t cry if it DOES break!

Costco has a smaller and much better waterproof camera on sale for $140. It’s a Fuji so rush down.

I find that I like the idea of clipping it to a heavy key-ring clippee to my kayak. The retractable lanyard allows me to pull-and-shoot, then it retracts out of the way and if I drop it, the chain lanyard keeps it off the bottom of the lake.

And the convenience of being abole to turn-on-and-shoot without worrying about a bag or case is excellent.

Of course, I am a flat-water paddler so everythign i said vanishes if you are a white-water junkie!

third Pelican
I use a Pelican 1300 dry box for my DSLR. Check out for an article that talks about different dry storage in general.

For wetter times, I use a waterproof point and shoot camera. Same magazine, different issue, has an article reviewing a pair of these - I have been using Pentax Optios myself for years.

Thanks to all for the helpful suggestions. I’ll check out the suggested solutions. I’ll probably go for one of the boxes. A “rugged” compact may be in my future at some point but I really like the LX5 as a dSLR alternative.