I am interested in getting a camera that is compatible with kayaking. Has anyone seen or used a water proof digital camera? Or have any other ideas? I have taken a regular camera and put it in a water proof bag but it would be nice to have easier access when that perfect photo op presents itself.

Pentax Optio WPi
Several threads have discussed this camera. I just returned from a five day venture with 36 hours of rain at the outset. This camera did well. Pictures are great and it got plenty wet … including a couple intentional underwater shots. Both of us had WPi cameras and we were able to share memory cards and batteries.

I also used my iPod as back-up memory to create more space for pictures.


Olympus has just released a
promising waterproof camera. Be sure to check it out. It is not just splashproof like their other cameras… It is waterproof.

I have an Optio WP 5MP
If you search the archives you will find several posts about my experience with the camera. Short summary of my experience:

**Software crashes (sometimes necessitating removal of the battery to reboot -not good on the water)

**The camera blurs a lot more than my Sony Cybershot when using the optical zoom and in low light situations.

I’ve never had a problem with the waterproofness of the camera and like the size and interface when it works properly. Not sure I’d buy another one knowing what I know now (wish Sony would make a waterproof point and shoot) but I don’t regret buying it anyway.

Good Luck.


Pentax optio 33wr/43wr
While not capable of underwater use, my optio33wr is a champ.

I like that it takes AA batteries - that keeps things cheap. It has all the resolution I need. I keep it in a pelican micro-case, but I know a guy who keeps it in his vest while WW kayaking, rolling and such, and he has had no problems.

I would prefer a wider angle lens, and mounting an adapter is difficult.

I have the Pentax optio WPi and am happy with it so far. I’ve used it for whitewater and seakayaking.

This month pentax is releasing the Optio W10 which is an improvement on the WPi and has done very well in tests. It is also cheaper than the WPi.

Forget Waterproof
I’ve used waterproof cameras in the past. They don’t offer the flexibility I want to get a quality shot when I want it. I’ve found it’s better to think the shot through no matter what the situation. Most point and shoot cameras have a wide angle lens. That’s good for photographing friends standing together on the beach and sun sets but is lacking if you’re looking for detailed or wildlife shots

Do you like your present camera?

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If so, and if it's small, just buy an inexpensive Pelican case; their micro series with the clear tops fit point-and-shoot cameras and stow nicely on top of the deck. The cases float and are waterproof.

Even if you get a truly waterproof camera, it would be a good idea to have such a case. It'll keep the camera dry when you're definitely not going to use it, and it will protect it from getting pounded. Also, you need something to store spare batteries and chips in, because those are not waterproof. A digital camera without working batteries or chip is 100% useless. Some film cameras (not point-and-shoot types) will still work fine without a battery.

If your camera is too big to fit in the micro cases, Pelican makes a huge assortment of pro boxes. The difficulty with this approach is that an SLR body and lens in one of these boxes cuts a tall profile on deck. I have stashed the larger box in the cockpit, in front of my feet, but this does not allow quick grab shots, for obvious reasons. I now use a Pentax Optio 43WR in a Pelican 1020 box kept on deck for grab shots. When I want to take better-quality photos, I will still carry the big box and SLR, but I'll always keep the Optio on deck in addition.

It depends what you want. The digital point-and-shoots just don't provide good detail in landscape shots; they are great for simple subjects at fairly close range.

Olympus C770
with the water proof housing. It is a hot ticket. You can have 10x optical zoom, and other features usable while the housing is closed. Pretty neat. Try to search prices…


can’t find an olympus waterproof
camera just released. More info?


link to new olympus