Two questions:

  1. Has anyone used a Pixtreme 3.2MP 4x Digital Zoom Waterproof Camera?

  2. What digital camera under $150 would you recommend?

Nikon 3200
I have this camera and the quality is unbelieveable. I paid $300 - now it’s $122.

I have a housing for it which I paid $300 for. So for wet use, you’re better off bitting the bullet and getting the Pentax WP waterproof.

Using a housing is annoying to say the least. Unless you mean canoe use? All major brands are good these days - Canon, Olympus, Monolta etc.

Pentax WP
check ebay–you probably can find an older version in your price range. i have the w20, and it’s fantastic.

after going here

I bought a Canon a430 from

added a 1 gig sd card, and took these

and many more. Not bad for $165 total I thought.

Digital Hero sports wrist camera
I stumbled across it recently ( and it sounds quite interesting.Its $79.95 direct,has a wrist strap that fits perfectly around a paddle shaft and holds 32MB worth of photos and/or 32 ten-second video clips.And,if you can believe it, it is shockproof,waterproof and functional to 30 feet underwater and waterproof to 100’ !! Its not super high tech but it might beat taking a chance on drowning my Nikon.

Has anyone reading this bought/used one?

Yes, I’ll be using it for paddling trips. My Fuji S300 works great, but the waterproof bag is a hassle.

Wrist Camera
What is the image quality like?

I haven’t tried it
I haven’t tried the little digital hero camera, but here’s the website. They have some samples of images/videos taken with the camera.

Personally, I have the Pentax Optio WP and I think it’s a GREAT camera and worth every penny. But the DigiHero camera looks like a pretty cool option for only $79.

Pixtreme Camera
Pixtreme is available from for $84.99.

I have not seen it up close, but it looks like a rather generic digital P/S in a waterproof case.

You might be able to find older Pentax WP or WR series cameras (WR33/WR43) for around $150 or so. These cameras have decent lenses, and optical, rather than digital zoom, for better image quality.

I own and use Pentax WR33, and am very happy with it. I have taken it kayaking and canoeing in fresh and salt water, and got good results. The camera survived multiple submersions. As opposed to WP, WR series cannot be used to take pictures under water.

Thanks for the input!