i am looking for a digital camera to use on the kayak, underwater no more than 15 ft and in the rain. Needs to include flash external flash. I’ve heard Sea Life if very good especially for the price

Much better bet is the Pentax Optio WPi
Older WP has a freeze issue for some, but other than that (which seems to be fixed on the newer WPi), most whitewater and touring paddlers with one seem to feel it’s quite reliable and good.

I hardly think so Sealife camers are

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fully waterproof to 200 feet. The 5 mp cost is about 500.00, not that much more than the Optio for a real underwater camera.

To call the optio wp a waterproof camera is deceptive and I think all weather is a better term. Better suited for taking pictures of the kids in the pool than underwater.

waterproof vs diving
I believe that Pentax Optio WP(i) is waterproof but you need a diving camera. I am hoping not to go any dipper than 5’ with my Optio …

I wonder about waterproof housing for digital cameras. E.g., Canon is offering them for many point and shoot cameras in their line. Are these cases good for diving or they are just intended for a short time submersion in shallow water?

Canon Underwater Housings
I’ve got the Canon housing for my Canon S1 IS – it’s good to 130 ft.