I know they are there and I have read most or all of the prior posts on Waterproof Cameras on pnet. I’d about decided on a Pentax Optio but found some disturbing reviews elsewhere and that it might not be so truly waterproof.

The Olympus is more expensive and uses another kind of memory apparently (not a SD or a mini SD - which I already own) making it even more expensive.

The folks who would know best are you guys who have actually used the camera’s - are you still happy with yours and if not why not? Also are there any suggestions for another brand of digital waterproof cameras?

Thanks much

I use Olympus
I have a c-740 UZ with an underwater case. I don’t ever have to worry about it anywhere near the water. The peace of mind is well worth the expense. You can take it diving to 130 ft I won’t be with it at that depth. It floats.

JT in Central Florida

the new Olympus uses standard xD
cards. It’s fairly new on the market so not many reviews are out yet.

Pentax Works…
…just wonderful. Don’t hesitate to buy it.

WP10 IS waterproof, i got a pic of my kayak’s bottom taken from underwater to prove it :slight_smile:

Another vote for the Pentax
Have taken several swims with the camera in my PFD pocket - no problems. I think it takes great pictures.

have a pentax WPI…seems quite waterproof

Best Wishes


i don’t think the WPs use sd either
as i am fully stocked in sd cards also i seem to recall bumming over the fact that i would have to reinvest if i got one.

WPI uses SD

Best Wishes


Pentax Optio WP/WPi/W10
So far, nobody on has reported any problems with waterproofness of this line of Pentax cameras. I am using the original WP and also W10:

These are not diving cameras but sometimes people are taking them deeper underwater that they should go without problems. Check this picture from Bahama snorkeling:

thanks much
I appreciate all of the input and now if I buy one, and I probably will go hunting for one this weekend, I’ll have some confidence that it will do what it says.

No danger of me diving down more than a foot or two, I’ve never been much of a diver not even when I was young and leaner and didn’t float about like a cork. So if I leash the camera around my neck, it should be fairly safe.

When I first read about this camera I thought it sounded too good to be true, and I’ve feared it may be.

My consumer confidence is low. This year I’ve returned two electronic cat litter boxes and now I’m returning a Verizon Motorola Q phone for not doing the things the sales folks offered that it would do.

Anyway, I do appreciate the votes of confidence for the Pentax.

Everyone talks up the pentax
Why would you want to take pictures with a camera that doesn’t have enough optical zoom to make much of a difference? I would put my pictures up against any wp camera out there. The olympus UZ has a 10x optical zoom that brings nature to it. So depends on whether you want quality pictures at a distance you won’t scare off the wildlife or look close to find the critter in the picture. Sorry for the rant but I go for quality.

JT in Central Florida

While I certainly the
efficacy of a long lens there are many times where its not near as fast or practical to use.

I carry two cameras, a WPi and an FZ with stabilisation. Prior long camera was a UZ750 in a dive case.

The little Pentax offers quick and easy access for those action shots on the water. That UZ isn’t the fastest camera out there in terms of long lens focus/record speed.

Textured waters really cripple any long lens and the little waterproof compacts just shine in this scenario.

For those long range wildlife shots where I have time and the conditions permit, I do get out the big camera but don’t underestimate the results that can be realised with a WPi.

Record at the largest and highest quality level and you can easily get great pictures. Crop with your software and you’re all set. The key to quality pics with a compact is fitting them with a large memory card. Plenty of room for big files that allow for editing.

The lack of a viewfinder bothered me at first but I’ve reached a point where I simply aim and shoot while trying to keep my subject centered and the horizon in proper perspective. I can crop and place my subject where I want later on.

Different tasks, different tools.


You have to be sure to lock the battery
compartment. The only time I’ve heard of the Pentax WP not being waterproof was when someone didn’t lock the battery compartment…then it leaks. As long as it’s locked it does the job. I’ve swam in mine, and I’ve just plunged it under the surface to take pictures. I’ve had it in salt water, chlorinated water, and fresh water. All with no problem. The biggest problem seems to be with water drops and salt forming on the lens and clouding the pictures.

do not be sorry I will debate this until
I decide which one is best for my situation in terms of what I will be doing and what money I will have to spend. I am trying to absorb as much information as I can, before making a decision I might later wish I’d made differently.

All information and experiences from others will help me. Thanks

Waterproof, yes…but…
I bought the Pentax Optio 43WP and I do NOT like it.

The pictures are good, no problems with quality. The camera is waterproof, as I have kept it in my pfd pocket. Those are the pluses.

I detest the lack of a viewfinder. When I’m on the water in the bright sun, I have NO IDEA what type of framing I’m getting in my shot. I point and hope for the best. I simply can’t tell what I’m taking a picture of because the LCD screen is unreadable.

I used a Nikon Coolpix 885 for several years, keeping it in an otter box when I’m not using it or when I get into squirrely water, and wanted a truly waterproof camera so I wouldn’t miss the really special shots.

I ended up putting the waterproof Pentax in a drawer and went back to the Nikon. Like I said, I have no problems with picture quality, but the usability factor rates really low with me.

My two cents…


I’ve heard a lot of complaints
about the faintness of the LCD screen. Been using mine for a couple months and my WPi at least is visible in every condition I’ve been in. Has anyone that has complaints about the screen tried setting the screen brightness in the tools menu?

As the above poster said, I don’t worry about the zoom capability. The WPi is my keep in the pocket camera. If I need to reach out and touch something, no point and shoot is going to match up to a 300 mm zoom, which is what I carry in a pelican case.


Agree with Pyker
To me, a WP digital is a “grab shot” camera for on-the-water opportunities. I cannot imagine getting consistantly good shots bobbing in a boat with a long lens, one-handed. For me, the Olympus 720 has been working well. Yes, it lacks a viewfinder, but that has not been a major problem.


Pyker, I will try that.
I don’t recall changing that setting, and it’s worth a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

Ok now ya got me thinkin’
Just learning the necessary stuff with my new Z6 and the idea of having a quick point and shoot WP as well has me thinking…Pyker you dog…

Guess I’ll have to issue a fund appropriation to the CFO…