camo colored boats

just saw this on the website for Hurricane Aquasports,

models offered in sit in and SOT thermoformed kayaks.Their branded name for thermoformed plastic is Tryloy.

I’m not affiliated w. the company but have owned on of their SINKS and currently having fun w. their Phoenix 120 SOT. Trylon is light and strong.

The camo pattern seems fairly hard to find in kayaks.

hard to see in the water too
You know that a motor boat sees you after they’ve felt the “bump”. I always advocate against dark colored kayaks. The myth that fish are spooked by bright kayaks is debunked on a daily basis.

Hurricane Kayaks are fantastic and I uesd the Phoenix series for years. The Phoenix 160 was one of my top two choices for a fishing kayak and it sucks that it’s not available any longer.

Total agreement
Maybe a camo boat is nice if you’re duck hunting. Ducks see things from the air looking down. A big white or yellow kayak would stick out like a sore thumb. However when you’re fishing, the bottom of the boat is shadow to the fish. They are underneath looking up. Between the fish and the sun is the top of the boat. So the bottom just basically looks like an area of dark surrounded by an area of light regardless of the color of the plastic.

Forget about camo boats for fishing. They’re not safe if there are other boaters around and the color doesn’t provide any help in catching fish. Get yellow or orange or bright green or white or something that can be seen.

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Near miss maybe
I have thought about a camo boat for fishing as a matter of fact the place where I’m going to buy my next kayak has several of them. It always comes back to being seen though. Being seen and not heard “thump-thump” is a good idea. I have had a couple of near misses but a big yellow boat is hard to over look unless you want to. One so called near miss passed so close to me he all but flipped me out of my boat. I guess my fishing interfered with his water skying. I’m convinced though that I’ve been saved at the last minute just because the color yellow and the light blue paddle tips helps too.

Lots of brigh white, yellow…
…and shiny aluminum motorboats are filled with people catching plenty of fish. I had a camo-colored royalex canoe for a while that I caught a lot of fish out if, but no more easily than other canoes.

Get the color you want IMO. If you want a darker colored boat, go for it. All the reds, yellows and orange flood the market because people are always looking for that “Be Seen Factor.”

Look around next time your on the water. Usually the first thing you see from a distant paddler is the flashes of the paddle blades, then the paddler, and lastly the boat. I have a camo SOT for fishing and a black sea kayak. I have a lot of people tell me that out of all the paddlers out there, they were surprised they were able to spot me first with a darker colored boat.



I think it is more important to have a bright PFD. I have a camo boat, but wear a yellow PFD. Bright colored paddle tips are good, too. My wife paddles a blue and white yak and usually the first thing I see is her blue bladed paddle.

I don’t think camo matters unless you are going waterfowl hunting.

I don’t think the craft color matters nearly as much as what you wear and having proper navigation lights, even if suction cupped. Highly visible PFDs, and helmets ( in appropriate category waters) are a huge plus as they stand out more than the outline of your boat. They are the first noticed/ visible part of the configuration.

Both my canoes are dark. A painted dark brown Gheenoe and a Old Town Standard issue Green. :slight_smile: