Camp Comfort

Some days are layovers because of weather, and sometimes you just might want to fish, relax, and enjoy the solitude. What do you take or do to make life in camp a little more comfortable, a little less work?

Allagash Heavy
With only a 1/3 of a mile carry around Al Falls we go to enjoy our week.

We have cut back on the tent and the cots in recent years but here’s a pic of this frist good day after a rainy start of the week.

walmart camper hamock $10

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my plastic pilsner glass filled with boddingtons ale. a small portable radio that has an antenna at the top of my 12' pole. 4206cc5lj7zda01cf4yrhzg

I always strap to my rear deck
of my kayak a full-sized camp chair with back. Makes all the (comfort) difference at camp and really doesn’t affect paddling. Well worth bringing and who cares what the “elite” say about having a clear deck!

I used to favor Crazy Creek Chairs
but I was younger, lighter, and more limber then as well.

I have come to the conclusion that a folding chair, such as the Clif Jacobson model sold by Piragis is a worthwhile addition to my kit. If portaging is not required, I will pack a full size folding chair. A comfy chair makes the single-barrel bourbon taste better too!


I just started using a Crazy Creek
chair. I can strap it to the rear of my portage pack.

A legged chair would be nice but not with 50 portages in ten days

True, but
there is something to be said about not having to sit upon the ground on your CC. The Jacobson favorite is really just a folding stool with a back. Yes, heavier than a CC, but my legs and back ain’t what they used to be!


Crazy Creek long back chair (much better than the “normal” one. Nylon hamock. Coated stainless water bottle with a nice Cabernet! A small tarp to sit under in case of rain (I hate doing anything in the tent except sleep). Some really good loose tea and Walkers butter cookies.

My knees
make me look like one of the three stooges trying to get up off the ground. I have an aluminum dutch oven. If fires are allowed, it comes in handy for making all kinds of cakes and treats, as well as my secret cajun clucker dish. The fire regs lately have made the DO useless.

Cause I’ve got old knees, I’m real interested in a good camp chair. The ones I’ve tried don’t hold up to uneven ground usage. The Cliff chair has a rail on the bottom, so it may hold up better. I just hate to buy one more thing “Cliff” endorses. He’s usually right, but head to toe commercialism is such a turn off. We generally take lots of nuts to munch around camp. I’ve really come to like the thicker air matresses. They’re bulky, but it’s worth it to get a good night’s sleep.

Right now we
Mostly basecamp and I take a Coleman portable toilet!! No squatting in the poison ivy!!

Small Island Camping
When I camped on an isolated wildnerness island, I didn’t expect already set up places to sit, so I brought a camp chair. On a side note, I read there was no available wood, so I brought that too. I also brought a book to read. The island was really small.