Camp sanitation

When camping in the BC, how do you approach the sanitation problem? “Cat hole”, or some sort of “scat packer” ?

Just thinking if everyone dug a “cat hole” ???

The pack it out option looks as if it could be a problem too.

Anyone have some creative ideas to share? :slight_smile:


Ask Authorities
Ask the authorities if there are any regs. Each has its pluses and minuses. If the area gets much use packing it out is the only answer. River corridors don’t allow much room for cat holes. Then there’s the problem of attracting animals to regularly used campsites.

I was curious
about what equipment people here use for “scat packers”. Living where I do, I have never faced that problem yet, but I am planning to branch out, while I still can,and wanted to be properly equiped :slight_smile:

This is the method I use and it works:

Thanks for the link
I have read that technique before several years ago in SeaKayaker I think.

I checked out the toilet this AM and I don’t think 1 sheet of news print and a “sandwich bag” will be adequate :slight_smile: A quart size bag would be challanged. Proably several 1/2 gal. size for an extended trip ??

how bout’ burning it…?
Any issues with scat burning…?

Burning Scat
During the recent unpleasantness in SE Asia (Vietnam) you could always tell when you were nearing a US base by the unmistakeable smell of burning “scat”.

Boom Box toilet
I have used a Boom Box toilet system in the past, and just bought my own. If the first link does not work, use the second link and search for boom box. This system is relatively compact, a reasonable size for canoes or kayaks. In the western US, the regulations often require toilets that are leak proof and can be easily washed out.

On one trip years ago, we used a 5 gallon bucket with plastic bags and kitty litter, worked fine, but not allowed by current rules in most places.