Camp saw recommendation wanted

I’m looking for a recommendation for a folding or collapsable camp saw that will fit into kayak hatches.

What do you like?

Standard bow saw?
just take the blade off.

Gerber Sliding

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Cheap and functional. I've had one for years.


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I use the Gerber style saw to debark wet wood when its raining. With the bark on its tough to get a fire started.

Portable buck saw,42706,40721&p=44171 The amaller is dont want to use big wood anyway.


Doesnt quite have the clearance of the portable buck saw but is eminently portageable.

Your saw needs may be different. Depends on what you want to do. Some campsites I have to use need to be cleared of blowdowns. Thats when the heftier saws with lots of clearance are handy . Little saws just bind up wiht 12 inch logs. If your campsites are clear small spudded branches are all you need for a fire and a small saw is fine.

My other saw is a Husky, Yes it sometimes comes canoeing.,domain-start-page,standard-domain-start-flash

If weight is an issue, you might check this one. I’ve been using one for many years - mostly backpacking - and now it rides in the boat when tripping.

Better saw all round
…and it fits through nearly ANY hatch because it flexes…

pruning saw
I’ve always just used my folding pruning saw that I use for yard work – similar to this one:

Just personal preference but I find it easier on my hands to cut up smaller firewood with one of these than a bow saw design. And it open and folds up quickly, like a pocket knife. Can even do it with gloves on. You can get them with up to a 12" blade.

Sawvivor: Another vote in favor
Light, rigid, readily available replacement blades, no small parts to loose.


Sven saw.

I would definately second the…
Gerber sliding saw, but would still rather get the Gerber folding saw.

Paddle easy,


My wife got mine I believe from It has three different blades stowed in the frame and folds to about 20 x 2.5 x 1. I’ve been happy with it.



Second the Sven saw
I found one of these hanging on a tree in a campsite in 1990 and have had it ever since. It works very well - it’s nice that the blade stores inside the handle.

Gerber sliding saw. Compact and surprisingly aggressive.

cliff jacobson recommends this

Very nice saw,
I use a Corona Razor tooth folding saw.

Very light, sharp, and fast.


Sawvivor has never let me down
I’ve had a Sawvivor for 8 years. Small, sharp, light weight, self contained, no loose parts and a great handle. Its so neat that my boys like to cut the wood. What more could you ask for?

If size and weight are an issue

folding/collapsable? perhaps not
I’ve been thinking about saws for kayak camping. But, out in the shed I had a 21 inch bow saw. It’s the $12 garden/pruning variety. It’s sharp and quite capable. It fits in my Tempest 165’s rear hatch, and slides in along the skeg box. It would be nice if it slid all the way to the stern – which it just might do in a Tempest 170, or other. I’ve got a blade guard for it. It takes up almost no usable space as it is, so maybe I’ll leave the folding saws to backpackers.

best ever
packs small, is light and works great