camp spendic lake/ st croix river nb

I would like to camp at on spendic lake thursday night and paddle down to loon bay or maybe grandfalls dam by sunday.

I would like to reach vanceboro mcadam border crossing by mid afternoon I will set out early friday morning 8am or so.where should I camp. any directins from mcadam would be helpful too.

I will be staying in canada.

thanks and happy paddling!

lower todds island
just west of lindsay island is a nice spot. lindsay has been partied on and is beat. lower todds island is about 5 miles paddle from the dam. its another 7 miles to tunnel rips campsite my choice if loon bay is the take out next day. when i have run the st.croix she was at 650cfs,i just looked and shes at 1350. have a nice trip i’ll be up there soon too.

lindsay island
is that in the lake, canadian side?


yes in canada but who cares out there.

yes in canada but who cares out there.
if you google map it and look to the northwest you will see 2 mid sized islands you can camp on either but todds is better then lindsay.

thanks man
todds it is