camp stool

wonder if anyone ever takes a folding camp stool in hatch for sitting on beach & if so what kind. or what does anyone use ?

I use this from REI. It’s comfortable, but somewhat heavy and somewhat big - that’s OK for me, as I only go day-touring so there’s not much else in the rear compartment.

Walkstool - rugged - sturdy
Designed for work - electricians, service techs,

skilled workers on lengthy projects for job site.

WalkStool has commercial grade anodized aluminum

and heavy-duty nylon mesh seat.

Bury it, or carry it home.
Don’t want to step in no stool sample.

Crazy Creek
Still using our over ten year old Crazy Creek legless chairs. They also function as extensions along with our Therm-A-Rest 3/4 length sleeping pads.

one of these…

I already bring a thermarest. The extra chair part rolls tiny and fits way in the bow or stern of my kayak along with tent polls.

Yes and no
We bought stools similar to the Walkstool mentioned above. The legs don’t telescope but on the other hand, they only cost $5 apiece at CVS. Design drawback: legs sink into soft ground. Now we just carry pieces of blue foam to sit on. Lighter, pack easier, also make good kayak pads for rocky shore.

We lucked out a few years ago

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We are platelet donors, and the Red Cross is always giving us some little tidbit to keep us coming back.
They gave us these stadium seats, which are basically a nice pad that folds into thirds.
They take up hardly any space at all, so we almost always throw them in our compartments.

Jack L

Folding padded chair
I always take one of these everywhere: hiking, kayaking, etc.

It makes camp life so much more comfortable. It provides surprisingly good back support. You can also put it under your mattress for pillow support. All you need is a rock or a log to put it on.

Roll a chair
I’ve been using one of these roll a chairs for over ten year. Bought when I kayaked before going the solo canoe route. My friends also use it for bicycle camping. It’s light and after a long day in the canoe or on the bicycle the back support is nice.

Thanks for all the ideas. Lot’s to pick from

Roll a stool

Without a doubt…
the most comfortable camp chair is:


Another vote for the thermarest chairs
I’ve used pretty much all these various solutions over the years. Chairs are big and awkward. The chairs with pointy legs sink into sand and mud etc. My feeling is its pretty hard to beat the therm a rest chairs. Small and light and comfortable. Only thing is as you get older they get hard to get in and out of. But if you can get into a kayak you can get into the chairs.

depends on how I feel
I always haul a PFD Type IV seat cushion.

Sometimes I carry a folding tri-pod chair but on soft or unlevel ground, they make people laugh when I fall over.