Camp Tables

A great joy of paddle-camping is the ability to carry a small camp-table.

I want one, having seen my friends’ construction handywork I figure, “Why spend $30-40 on a commercial camp-table when you can make one, then another, and another, for as little as $75 a piece?”

I’d like to see what camp-tables people have made out there.

Welcome to the club!
You sound like you fit in with some of us “boat futzers” here on P-Net.

I was going to self-fabricate a lightweight camp chair from aluminum tubing and cast fittings, and then realized it would cost over $100.

But to your question: I have a design in my head that uses aluminum slats, held side-by-side with shock cord and stabilized with an alu U channel. The whole thing hangs from it’s corners and is suspended from a tree. And now I find that Ostrum is making basically the same thing, but out of fabric.

If I get my design together I will post pics.


AKA “Tilleyman”

camp table
I carry a GSI micro table when we go to the bwca. The table top itself is small I think its about 11’X15". Its legs are only 6 inches long. It rolls up and packs small. All aluminum. I love it. Its fits over logs by the fire pit. Its great for cooking and as a writing table. I have taken it on many trips and will continue to do so. I would love a larger table but then again I would have to portage it.