Camp Time Roll-A-Chair

Does anyone recommend this?

In search of a lighter chair (currently dragging a 5lb) and this comes in at 2 lbs. 8 oz… I’ve read good reviews but it’s pricey.

I need a chair that is light, doesn’t sit too close to the ground and is comfortable. This kind of has that bicycle seat thing going on which is why I’m hesitant. Those are usually pretty uncomfortable.

I wouldn’t
Chairs with legs sink into mud, and can be difficult to sit level on rocks. I use a chair with a rail on the bottom. They seem to hold up better too.

Roll a Chair
I bought the one with the back rest last year specifically for use in the kayak. I have not used it that much but I do find it very comfortable when you cannot find anything good to sit on plus I think its the best in class of the small, light, compact stools. Would I buy it again? Definitely yes.

Appreciate the comments. Definitely want something with a backrest too but it’s kind of pricey to pull the trigger on this guy.

best in its class
I am not a big fan of chairs and I prefer to sit/lay on the ground when in wilderness camps, however those times where I sit in “urban” camps I love the Roll-a-Chair. Very compact for the comfort it gives and extremely well constructed while still being packable in low volume kayak. Really: the best

I have the stool version - no back rest.

It’s not comfortable.

I’m pleased with mine
I bought the one with a back and used it on a 4 day overnight paddling trip this spring. It is very sturdy - I’m 230+ and it held up well - the legs seem very strongly made.

Recognizing you’ll make some concessions for weight and size, I found it very comfortable and the seating height made it easy to stand up. One evening on soft ground the legs wanted to penetrate into the soil - next time I’ll pack some 6 inch square pieces of light plywood to place under the legs and spread the weight so it won’t sag into the dirt.

I’d buy it again and recommend it. I too hesitated on the price - but I wanted a small sturdy chair and it has delivered on that.

Owned one for 6 years, don’t use it
Bought it for light weight and space savings. It satisfies those criteria, and is sturdy. I wouldn’t say it’s comfortable or uncomfortable, but simply functional.

I find I almost never use it.

It’s not a thing I would choose to sit in just for “chair potatoing” in the wilderness. For that, it’s easier and more comfortable most of the time just to sit on the ground or against a tree.

For trips with trivial portages, if for some reason I want truly functional comfort, I find myself taking along a real chair and accepting the weight/space penalty. I’m talking open canoe.

Males my object
I’m told by the male in the family, that this is an extremely uncomfortable chair.

Males MY Object?
Freudian slip, me thinks.

They are OK
I have had mine for over 10 years. I originally bought when I used to kayak. With a bad back I needed the back support (the stool backless version was replaced after the first trip). When I switched to a solo canoe I also switched to a regular camp chair. Now I only use the roll a chair when on a trip that involves portages.

While not very “comfortable,” they are very functional. They get me off the ground and provide needed back support. They are not chairs to fall asleep in around the campfire, however, I do have one friend that manages that feat very well.