camper kayaks??

I am talking about those kayaks designed for really long expeditions for profesionals. Examples include the Lot 41 and Peter Bray’s Kirton Atlantic Crosser kayak. My question is- are there any other examples of kayaks with camper shells, and, are there any massed produced camper kayaks?? They really are very unique kayaks.

expedition kayaks
A Kruger is designed for expeditions, carrying a lot of gear, and even sleeping in.

Light and easy loading
Something I would like to try is a Vagabond by poke boat and use it solo.

Klepper , Romany, Prijon
The guy who wrote Keep Australia on Your Left paddled a Klepper folding boat. Chris Duff circumnavigated British Isles and New Zealand’s South Island in a Romany. Jon Turk paddles a Prijon, Renata Chlumska paddles a Prijon.

Keep Aussie on your left
he was paddling a nordkapp

nobody mass produces the large open ocean ones, thats why these people always have to “custom” build them.

What difference does it make?
You have to be home for dinner at 5:30… Mom says so… That rules out any long trips for you!

Phoenix Vagabond as solo:
I have a Vagabond and the challenge to using is solo is deciding where to place the seat if you’re paddling unloaded with no gear to move around to adjust trim. I ended up on a couple square boat cusions just in front of the rear seat and adde some foot braces for that position.

If I sit in the front seat moved to the middle factory position, it’s bow heavy and handles poorly.

If I sit in the rear seat, it’s bow light and handles poorly.

With the proper trim, it handles quite nicely with a single blade and control strokes.

If paddling with a load and using a single blade, the rear seat would have the narrowest paddling station and be best for boat control.

You’re welcome to try mine out if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

I tend to choose my Sawyer Loon for solo paddling rather than the Vagabond, even though my Loon is 7 or 8 lbs heavier than my Vagabond, because it’s faster and more maneuverable for me.

The Loon has a more arched bottom than the Vagabond.

Both are very stable.


Love to paddle a Vagabond

If it ever works out I would love to try your boat. I would bring my tripping packs weighted as they are on a trip to test paddle with a load like I would be using. I live just north of Joliet. Do you ever get together with the people that plan day outings on the (Getting Together & Going Paddling -US - Midwest) forum? I have met some of them from central IL on some of there more northern trips. If this summer there were a get-together north of Springfield I would try to make it. Maybe you would want to paddle my Magic or RobRoy. Lets see what summer brings.


I’d love to try your Rob Roy, maybe
even the Magic. Maybe I’ll be able to make the next IL River trip.

I do keep tabs on the Getting Together and Paddling forum.

You mean to tell me
I can’t cross an ocean in a Pamlico???