camper or discovery

Hi,Guys Im a newbie on this sight and was wanting some advice.I currently have a disco 169 and Im thinking about getting a camper 16 but was wondering if it will be as versitile as the disco.I do some solo and tandem and a small amount of camping also may get into some class 1&2 and very little 3.Im really only changing for the weight difference as I like everything about the disco outher than that.Im supposed to look at the camper tommorow.Thanks

You can forget cl3
And cl2 will be more difficult than with the Disco.

The Camper does great on cl1 small and twisty streams.

I always wonder about class 3
So many folks ask what appear to be beginner questions that include class 3 on their paddling plans. If you take Class 3 out of the equation a Camper would be fine. If you outfit the camper for doing class 3 by removing the seats and installing saddles, float bags and a pump system, then it would be OK for class 3 for paddlers who could handle class three. But the thing is that folks who really paddle class 3 want the specific boats that are made for these conditions, they do not want to paddle an OT Camper.

On the other hand, a lot of outfitters and guides have told me that I’ve just done a Class 3 run. I think they do this to give their customers a sense of accomplishment. Trust me I am not a class 3 paddler. I have no doubt the some of the rapids I have run are class 3 but they have easy pools after them and present little or no danger. Many rivers can attain class 3 level, but rarely do.

So, I think getting the camper for less weight will be a great move, and later down the road when you skill up you can buy well used Explorer or Penobscot with saddles for the class 3 stuff.