Campfire cooking fork

Hey N.T., Coronaboy, Phil, and all other who may be interested. I found a link to the telescoping cooking forks that I had on the most recent Kinzua trip. To those who did not attend, we found these forks to be quite handy, and very packable (although a little pricey).

The new style has a wooden handle which I think

is much more appealing.

Hope this helps,


A friend brought one of those on a camping dinner this summer and I thought it was brilliant but the forgot all about it till I saw your link. I just ordered on for myself and for my 2 campmates.


Clam Shell
I found a long handled wire clam shell type cooker in an outfitting store. Doesn’t telescope but works for steaks and burgers as well as sausages and dogs. The trouble with forks is you have to keep them level or you can drop your meant into the fire.

yeah, but…
marshmallows make a mess out of those clamshells!

Looks like a Couglans
You can find 'em at most big box stores. They are handy little gems, aren’t they?


I Have One
Mine doewsn’t telescope, but it is very handy for lots of stuff besides cooking Hot Dogs. Like picking up pinecones and stirring the fire.

The telescoping ones are best
I’ll wager that if they had been available at the time, Moe would have used one on Curley.



I hate it when that happens!
I really do!

Didn’t know Coghlan’s made one…
I’ve never seen one in a shop, but then again I wasn’t looking.

Thank’s Jim,


A pair o thongs
works well also , but the fork “looks” cooler .—M---------I made my own w/a wood handle .

Trying desperately NOT to
visualize toasting marshmallows with a pair o thongs…


surely you meant…
TONGS not Thongs.

while that looks cool…
you really want to use tongs and not a fork. Forks puncture and cause the loss of precious juices. I only use tongs for my grilling and BBQing.

I agree…
While cooking meat in any way, you should attempt not to puncture if possible. However we were cooking over the fire, and not a grill. In that case, I’m willing to puncture. Later they worked great for marshmallows, as you can spin the mallow while holding the handle still.


I do NOT plan
on puncturing my meat while I roast it in my thong.


safety conscious