Campfire Tent?

Does anyone have any experience with the campfire tent?

I find two companies making it; Frost River and some company in Canada.

Any idea which has the best product?


this one ?

You can make an open fire in this tents or use a stove + chimney as a middle pole

Here is another source
What is often called a “campfire tent” is AKA a Baker tent. Msr makes a Missing Link which is somewhat similar too.

Cookes Custom Sewing
markets a similar shelter out of coated or silicone-treated nylon. Probably cannot pitch it as close to the fire though.


CCS Lean 2
I’ve tripped with a couple guys using the Cooke Custom Sewing Lean 2.

In fact it is the same Lean 2 and guy (one of them) that is in the web picture.

I was very impressed with it. It was just this passed October in the BWCA. Cool set up. As you say, don’t pitch close to the fire, so I guess it is not a campfire tent. I couldn’t believe how well it pitched especially in the BWCA where much of the ground is granite and not all stakes will go into the ground. I was also amazed how it held up to the wind. It was solid.

Very cool shelter for non-buggy times. I believe there is a bug net option, but I am not familiar with it.