Campgrounds - Eagle Harbor, MI.?

I’m going to the Ladies of the Lake Symposium which is being held in Eagle Harbor this year. I’d prefer to camp. I searched and came with the Fanny Hooe Campground and Fort Wilkins State Park, but couldn’t find anything in Eagle Harbor itself. Has anyone been there? Thanks!

That’s about it north of Calumet

Eagle Harbor…
is a pretty small town, if I remember right. It has been quite a few years since I was there and it was in the winter. I doubt they have any campgrounds in the town. Copper Harbor is fairly close, though. Maybe 7 or so miles?? I could be wrong, though.

I may also go the the Symposium again this year. I learned a lot last year and had a lot of fun. I have to see if I can take off from work on Friday and leave early on Thursday. I also have to see if my husband will let me go without him. He wants to go up to the Keweenaw with me, but he has no vacation days left. It really stinks to have only 2 weeks of vacation a year!

Fanny Hooe
A few years ago my cousin and I stayed there. Very nice place. Pretty nice small lake right in the campground.


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I made a reservation at Ft. Wilkins. It looks like a beautiful area. Scoop,I hope you can go!