Help. I need suggestions for a campground that is between Minneapolis and Kansas. Canoeing must be close by. We are tenters but need an electric site. This would be for memorial day weekend.

Thanks in advance.

You might try the Advice forum,
or the one on meeting people and going paddling. Us wilderness types don’t get out to civilization much.

I guess this proves that one man’s wilderness is another’s mall parking lot.

State Parks
Short on answers, you can always try the websites for the state parks along the way. Let us know any good finds.

central Iowa
Lake Red Rock, located about 35 miles SE of Des Moines, has about 50 square miles of water surface and over 100 miles of shoreline. The lake was made by a dam on the Des Moines river and there are a number of camping areas around the lake. Most of the camping areas are run by the state or county and a lot of them have electric available on the sites. The lake is used by the government to control flood waters, so the lake level can vary a lot. This is good for those of us who like to paddle shorelines that are not developed, because they can’t build along the shoreline.