camping barrels

Hi folks …ran across these in a store, i have never seen them before…thought i would pass on the link in case any P-Net campers might be interested in them.

I have a 30, with portage harness,
that I got cheap at NOC GAF. They stocked them for a short time but got few takers.

The barrels are often discussed on, a mostly Canadian website. Potential buyers should note that such barrels are not bear proof, though probably smaller critters would be deterred. Barrels, being round, aren’t the best for maximum space utilization… Duluth packs are a little better. I prefer Watershed and similar soft, waterproof bags, though I might consider my barrel for some kinds of food containers.

Ah’ use dem all de time… 30 liter ones

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dat be. Dem's did roll around a bit until ah' invented me Auntie-Rollin'-Out-De-Barrel contraptoon.

Makes fer a decent small table at de campsite too!


If anywhere near Rochester, NY. check out ontario recycling.

Many sizes not on the web, call them.

Have 60 and 30 liter barrels
They do contain odors though I dont transport raw meat in mine.

They do float and they are an animal deterrent. They are not strictly speaking bear proof and not to be confused with bear canisters which have a different shape and are more bear proof.

But as the barrels tote two weeks of food (solo 30 liters , tandem 60 liters) they are handy and repel the most noxious and pervasive of campsite pests, the rodent family.

The latch can be secured with a cotter pin or cable tie to repel mr Raccoon.

I have never had a bear problem with mine in the years I have travelled in the bush( 6 weeks/year). But again they are not bear insurance.

The harnesses make all the difference. If you dont have a good padded harness, I pray your portages are short or you of good discomfort tolerance.

Hi Mike…as the PPP website made a note of …there barrels are brand new …the recycled ones…who knows what was stored in them before they got recycled or what chemicals ,if any, have leached into the plastic. I’d hate to get sick on a camping trip because I used the recycled barrels that originally, had been used for storage of a toxic substance. I did bookmark the website though for future reference.

Barrels are OK!

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I have used barrels on all my big trips, food does not get crushed and they provided additional flotation. I use both sizes 30L and 60 L the key with barrels is a good harness. One of the best on the market (not cheap) is made by Ostrom. I had a good source for barrels a few years ago paid $7 for the 30 L and $10 for the 60 L they were used to transport bulk medicines (in a plastic bag)they looked absolutely new and had no smell. Actually, I still got at least ten 30 L left in my garage antic if someone would live close to me I would not mind selling a few.

Another option & source
United States Plastics sells the traditional round barrels, but they also sell these pet food storage containers. These have Gamma Seal spin-off lids, which have been used by boaters for years as seals for 5-gallon buckets. I like the square profile, and may opt for one in the new year. I think my harness will fit the 20-gal size, and might fit the 13-gal size too.

These are also available at big-box pet stores but the prices are somewhat higher.


saw those
along withthe bear barrels.

Problem is they won;t fit under the deck of my Dirago or Mallard.

The smaller ones will fir my tank-well of my SoT and of course, my canoe can carry almost anything.

but not any SinK that I know of.