Camping Illinois River Tahlequah OK?

Anyone recommend a good outfitter and campground near Tahlequah OK to paddle the Illinois River? Early June.

I’ve been there, but stayed in a motel.
The outfitter campgrounds obviously tend to be heavily used. I suggest finding a quality state park or USFS campground nearby, and using the outfitters only for shuttle and (if you need it) outfitting.

Try to run the Illinois on weekdays when it will be less busy.

Crowds also in mid-June?
I had suspected that, what with some of the complaints by people floating the river. We’re plannning to get there no later than the second week of June.

Thanks for your reply.

I would expect weekend crowds to get
large as soon as school is out, in May or June.

Recommend paddling the IllinoisRiver
between Labor Day and Memorial Day. It’s a very popular river in the summer. We went during the off season, stayed at Sparrow Hawk Camp, and had a good experience. I suggest that you read the River Descriptions on for a wealth of good information concerning the Illinois River.

But you wouldn’t mind if he paddled
in the spring, would you?

SWPaddler site
Thanks for info – planning to do other paddling in that area.