Camping Location Needed

Sorry for cross-posting but I just realized that the Wilderness bb isn’t the best place for this question…

Hey folks. I’m planning a short two night camping trip with a new paddler. The plan is to drive for about a half day from Ithaca, NY, and drive right to the campsite. We want somewhere where we can paddle right from the campsite for day exploring. Something like Fish Pond or Cranberry Lake. BUT… no black flies. Anyone have any suggestions for us? The other paddler isn’t strong. We’re only looking for flatwater, no rapids.

Any suggestions most welcome. Oh… trip is mid-week this week. Thanks!

Half a day?
12 hours? 6 hours? 4 hours? And, do you want to stay in NY?

The campsites on the Allegheny Reservoir will fit your needs. About a half day west on Rt17 to Salamanca and then south. Big water, isolated bays, river; take your pick.

From Ithaca its Rt 13 to Rt17/I-86, west to Rt 280 and south into PA.

4 hours
4 hours-ish drive would be about max. and nope, we don’t need to stay in NY. anywhere we can drive up to, pitch a tent, and then easily launch into flat water for daytime play would be perfect.

Thanks, that sounds excellent!

I can’t help. I’m in Ohio and too far for your liking. I just wasn’t sure how far you wanted to drive. :wink: Have fun!