Camping on Edisto, Below Collington

I’ll soon be passing through South Carolina and am considering an overnighter on the Edisto to break up the trip. Last time, I overnighted on the river upstream of Carolina Heritage Outfitters at Canadys, SC.

If I was to put in at Canadys with a destination of, say, Givhans, are there camping spots somewhere in between?

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As I recall
there are a few nice white sandy beaches on the inside of the oxbows in several places where we used to stop to stretch our legs and have a snack. Certainly big enough to pitch a tent. There’s another take out about 5 miles short of Givan’s Ferry on river right. Can’t miss the concrete boat ramp. Plenty of room there to pitch a tent too…

The river s/b low enough for sandbar
camping. Should also be cold enough to camp in the woods - no skeeters.

Randy is talking about the Mars Oldfield ramp.It gets a lot of redneck traffic.

Edisto flow is looking good.

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Colleton is the State Park.

Thanks fellas. Heading out there with Waterbearer and maybe a few others. Drop me a PM if you want to join in.


Too mcold for my thin southern blood.

How far is it to Givhans?
When we ran the treehouse section, we rented a pokey canoe from the outfitter, but if we had our own tandem, we could really cover ground. Same for solo.

We ran at a medium water level, and there were a few exposed sandbars that might serve for camping. No property owners within sight. You might get on Google Earth and look at the possible camping sites from space. Sandbars are fine if the weather forecast doesn’t suggest that the water could rise.

mileage here

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Probably do it in March..I don't remember any sandbars between Stokes and Givhans but it was high water last March.

My info has the Colleton to Givans section being about 21 miles. Long day trip or an overnighter.

I’ve done the trip in high water and
low. typically 7 - 8 hours.

I just scouted from space, and
sandbars are few and far between. But space scouting is even more worth doing when campsites are scarce.