camping on Flagstaff L, ME ?

From what I’ve researched (no personal experience yet) the Bigelow Preserve lands around Flagstaff L. appear to offer the kinda canoe camping experience I appreciate most. - Free, no reservations, 1st come,1st served (if it’s available when you paddle by & you want it, it’s yours)

Large lakes to SW of Flagstaff all seem to come w/ fees & require reservations which we hope to avoid.

NFCT map #9 indicates Flagstaff’s campsites are 1st come ,1st served administered thru ME Bureau Parks & lands. They’re apparently closed Sundays as only get a message when I phone.

Interested in learning an info about these campsites ?

Specifically are they free ? Can you just land @ an open one & camp w/o prior res. or permit if you don’t want a fire ? Any other info/experience appreciated.

Thanx !

They are free
and first come first served.

I still would avoid weekends. Flagstaff is not off limites to power boaters.

hurricane island is a must
the nfct site has some nice pictures that hunterlord posted there before he drowned in the dead river.

We just returned from a trip across Flagstaff Lake.

The sites are free and first come first serve. Right now the water is high in the lake so there are no beaches. Hurricane Island was nice and seems to have room for two groups. We saw only a couple of power boats but several camp groups. our visit was mid week and the lake was very quiet. be prepared for some potential windy conditions. Without the beaches your “camp anywhere” possibilities are limited. Its worth the trip.

Appreciate the replies
exactly the info we were hoping to confirm.

Will check out Hurricane Is campsite

Have no problem w/ designated campsites rather than “at large” plop anywhere camping, just like the freedom to chose them myself after I’ve seen what’s available rather than reserving & paying for a site in advance.

Thanx again

the bush is rather thick

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with trees and its appropriate to camp at sites that have been previously used as such rather than fashioning a new one..

The site by the old village is a big one and can easily accommodate multiple parties without people tripping over each other.

With high water comes multiple bugs. The hot weather has just started and the mosquitoes are out in force..they are a good three weeks off late blooming.

Its difficult in one day to survey all of the campsites on Flagstaff..We have had some big storms here so just ride with nature and let it choose one for you.

Are you serious?
or is this an inside joke? he didn’t really drown, did he??

High Water
The NFCT maps show a few camps by three mile beach at the eastern end if the lake, but when we were there the water was high…no beach, no campsites. Just north of there in a semi-cove was a nice campsite, high and dry on a point of land.


Camp Sites on Flagstaff Lake.
I was just up there hiking the Bigelows and we came in from Safford Brook. There is a state campground there, called Round Barn, which is free, first come first serve, which seems to be accessible by boat as it’s right on the lake. Might be louder than you would expect on the NFCT, but it is an option if you want the convenience.