Camping on Little River, Woodstock GA

I just got back from a trip on this river and absolutely love it. It gives the feeling of being secluded while not being too far from anything, really. The biggest bummer I found out here was all of the garbage. It made me so mad to see all of these fishermen out there fishing and watching them drink beer and knowing that some of them contribute to that mess. How can people do that? They enjoy those areas as much as I do but they can just destroy it without even a second thought… Sorry, off topic…

While paddling along, I saw some nice spots that one could pull up to and maybe camp out at. I also saw a lawn chair here and there on some of those spots and some charred ground from where some fires were obviously built.

Does anyone know if the areas around there are owned by the Corps? If so, is camping allowed on these spots heading toward Lake Allatoona? I would love to do just an over night deal on this river some time…

That’s one I never got around to explore
and it is small enough to need some rain. Glad you got to do it.

If you want river garbage, check out this Serbian effort.

Back in the day
I used to camp there quit a bit in the 90’s. I went to high school in Marietta and Little River was our fall back if we couldn’t go further north. We used to camp under the railroad bridge. The land is owned by the Corps. I don’t know if camping is permitted or not, but no one ever bothered us.

Where did you put in?

That is one of the saddest videos I have ever seen.

Olde Rope Mill Park
We put in at Olde Rope Mill Park. They have a little sandy beach like area where you can put in. It just gets very busy there and there since it has a walking trail, mountain bike trail, fishing areas and other things… There isn’t much parking considering how much there is to do there.

That’s a lot of garbage. Did they just use that river as a dumping ground or did a very large storm push all of that stuff down stream at some point?

Around little river it’s mainly beer cans and bottles left by fishermen. There are sheets of plastic, old floats, chairs and other random things scattered about, but there is a fair amount of beer can/bottle garbage more than anything else.

nice park
I did a drive by this weekend. They really fixed that place up. 10 years ago it was just a gravel parking lot. There was actually a guy living in a van there for a while (no… it was not Chris Farley).

The water looked a little shallow. Did you paddle up or down toward Allatoona? My nephews live less than 5 minutes from there in Woodstock and I was thinking about introducing them to paddling.

I went downstream towards Allatoona and then back. This weekend I was thinking of trying to paddle up stream a ways… I’m not exactly sure how shallow it is up there yet, but by looking on Google Earth, it appears there may be some small Class I type rapids up that way? However, I have noticed that the river does not appear to be completely full by the looks of it. Maybe it is too shallow up there.

Going down stream though, it was never too shallow.

It’s a small river with a small
watershed, and isn’t going to be runnable above the lake level except after a good rain.