Camping on the Ohio

I am attempting a river journey from central Ohio to the confluence of the ohio & mississippi.

I have been preparing for almost a month but what I cannot find is campsites. Can anyone help in the location and or names of campsites along the Ohio? We plan to make about 100 miles a day starting at a campsite near Parkersburg, WV.

Please assist and I’ll make you privy to the web page I intend to create- which will be a vast chronicle of our adventures with stories and pics. You know you want it, come on…come on…

You’ll probably want to contact private landowners along the way, as I doubt there will be many places to camp. You may be able to stealth camp on some of the islands, but I didn’t recommend that. :-p


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'100' miles a day? I'd like to have what you're paddlin'!

Viking long boat…
…a few friends, and whole lotta beer.

Viking long boat
Tell me more.

After re-reading the original post

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I noticed that he technically didn't mention any "paddling". :) Maybe they are using a motor?